Involuntary Sample Clauses

Involuntary. In certain cases, THE CARRIER is responsible for the interruption of the Passenger’s trip due to some irregularity. THE CARRIER may reimburse the total or partial amount of the ticket, as follows:
Involuntary a. An involuntary transfer is defined as the transfer of an Employee from one (1) assignment to another without the approval and over the expressed objection of the Employee.
Involuntary. Involuntary transfers shall be made only in the event of a reduction in personnel or to utilize personnel in an appropriate and efficient manner as determined and recommended by the Superintendent to the Board. The district shall solicit and consider voluntary transfers to meet program needs prior to making involuntary transfers. No employee shall realize a decrease in their hourly rate of compensation due to an involuntary transfer.
Involuntary. Involuntary transfers and reassignments shall be subject to the provisions of the grievance procedure; however, the decision of the Board shall be final and binding.
Involuntary i. An employee who is involuntarily moved to a position in a different range shall enter the new range at the step closest to, but not more than, the wage of the prior position.