Delivery System Sample Clauses

Delivery System. An individual choosing to enroll in the REM program is prohibited from enrolling in an MCO. Services are delivered on a FFS basis.
Delivery System. Provider Participation in the pilot must be limited to primary care clinician sites that participate or enroll in the Primary Care Clinician Plan (PCCP). The practices must be responsible for supervision and coordination of the medical team, including Community Health Workers; delivery of asthma-related services paid for by the PMPM payment; as well as the PMPM cost of each beneficiary enrolled. Provider participation in the pilot must be determined through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The state must prioritize participation by qualified practices that serve a high number of patients with high-risk asthma enrolled in PCCP and have the capacity to manage asthma in a coordinated manner. In addition, the state must seek to include qualified practices that are geographically dispersed across the state and represent a range of provider types, such as physician group practices, community health centers, and hospital outpatient departments, in order to explore a variety of infrastructure challenges.
Delivery System. 50. Defendants, Commissioner and Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation shall establish, either within the Department or through contracts with private agencies, community support services which, within reason, are accessible geographically to all class members. The plan described in Section V(B) above shall also set forth a schedule, on an annualized basis, for meeting the needs of class members for community support workers and for ISP's which conform to the requirements of this Agreement. The needs shall be met as quickly as possible. In any event, defendants shall assure that all class members who want an ISP or community support worker shall have them by September 1, 1995.
Delivery System. The parties acknowledge and agree that Ethicon shall have the right to purchase Delivery Systems directly from a third party manufacturer and/or to provide such Delivery Systems itself, but only to the extent that the manufacture, use or sale of such Delivery System is not covered by a Valid Claim of a Patent. In the event Ethicon so elects to obtain or provide a Delivery System, the parties shall negotiate in good faith an equitable adjustment to the Purchase Price to take into account any modification in the costs incurred by Focal as a result thereof.
Delivery System. 7.1 Senetek will use its best endeavours to: