Supply Agreement Sample Clauses

Supply Agreement. Contractor shall use its best efforts to maintain uninterrupted relationships with refineries, pipelines, terminals, and other sources of fuel supply and distribution through supply agreements necessary to supply Purchasers with the total quantity of required fuel for the life of the contract. These relationships and agreements must support the State of Washington’s Fuel Product’s needs.
Supply Agreement. Licensed Product supplied by CIMAB or CIMAB's Contract Manufacturer(s) to Oncoscience for clinical and commercial purposes shall be supplied to Oncoscience pursuant to the terms of a separate Supply Agreement. Oncoscience and CIMAB shall use good faith efforts to negotiate and enter into such a supply agreement for commercial purposes at least six (6) months prior to the submission of a Regulatory Application for such Licensed Product in the Territory. In addition to more detailed terms regarding form of product, supply price, specifications, shortage of supply and default manufacturing rights as are specified in this Clause 5, each Supply Agreement shall contain forecast procedures, permitted variances from forecasted amounts, order and delivery times, quality control and quality assurance procedures, audits, yield ratios, maintenance of inventory, procedures and remedies for rejection of non-conforming product, record retention, compliance with laws, and other customary provisions. The terms of the Supply Agreement shall be consistent with the provisions of this Clause 0, unless otherwise agreed in writing by CIMAB and Oncoscience.
Supply Agreement. Within one hundred eighty (180) days after ---------------- the Effective Date, the Parties shall negotiate and agree in good faith a supply agreement relating to supply to GSK of its worldwide commercial requirements of API Compound incorporating the Standard Terms and relevant other terms relating to specifications and quantities required. The Parties acknowledge that Product Suppliers engaged by Adolor will carry out such manufacture and supply on Adolor's behalf. Upon receipt of such API Compound, GSK shall have thirty (30) days to perform the Testing Protocol to determine if such API Compound conforms to the specifications and GSK shall promptly notify Adolor of any API Compound that does not conform to the specifications.
Supply Agreement. None of the Loan Parties will terminate the Supply Agreement prior to the later to occur of the Amortization Commencement Date or the satisfaction in full of the Borrower's purchase commitments under the Supply Agreement.
Supply Agreement. The Supply Agreement shall not have been terminated by the Borrower or any other Loan Party and shall remain in full force and effect;
Supply Agreement. Subsequent to the execution and delivery of this Agreement, HKIS agrees to supply to T/R two of the print devices for use in development of the connectivity within 14 days of the date of execution of this agreement and an additional eight of the print devices within fourteen days of request by T/R for testing and training requirements for the connectivity. These print devices will be provided at no charge to T/R. A similar quantity will be provided at no charge to T/R for each different print device HKIS request T/R to develop connectivity. HKIS will also provide the Video Interface, technical documentation and reasonable technical support to T/R for development of the connectivity to the devices specified in Schedule 1. The HKIS printers, video interfaces and related equipment and technical documentation shall be returned to HKIS at the conclusion of the development of the connectivity for the associated System, except for equipment reasonably and necessarily required by T/R to provide ongoing support to HKIS, which shall be returned upon the termination or cancellation of the Agreement. * Confidential information has been omitted and filed separately with the Commission.
Supply Agreement. Amendment No. 4 to the Supply Agreement has been executed and delivered by all parties thereto and, subject to the terms and conditions thereof, obligates the Borrower and the Operating Subsidiaries to purchase at least $167,000,000 worth of Nortel Networks Goods and Services, and the Administrative Agent has received a photocopy of such amendment to the Supply Agreement as so executed and delivered, certified by a Responsible Officer of the Borrower as being a true and correct copy of such document.
Supply Agreement. The Buyer (or its applicable Affiliate) and CCR shall have entered into a Supply Agreement to govern the supply of finished products manufactured by the Buyer (or its applicable Affiliate) at the Initial Closing Facility to CCR, which agreement will include terms and conditions, including price, that are consistent with the Interim Finished Goods Supply Agreement (as defined in the Initial RMA).
Supply Agreement. During the period of two (2) years following the Trigger Date (the “Tail Period”), if a member of the Newco Group (the “Newco Purchaser”) reduces in any given six-month period (which period starts at any point of time after the Trigger Date) the GE Sourcing Costs Share with respect to any Seller Good that it purchases from a member of the GE Group (the “GE Supplier”) pursuant to the Supply Agreement by thirty percent (30%) as compared to the GE Sourcing Costs Share with respect to such Seller Good purchased from GE Supplier in the most recently completed calendar year prior to the Trigger Date, and the GE Supplier (a) has available capacity to supply such Seller Good pursuant to the Supply Agreement and (b) is not in material breach of the Supply Agreement (which such breach is incapable of being satisfied or cured by the GE Supplier within thirty (30) calendar days following receipt of written notice from the Newco Purchaser of such breach), then Section 1 shall no longer restrict the GE Supplier from selling such Seller Good during the remainder of the Tail Period. Upon reasonable request from the applicable GE Supplier, Newco shall, or shall cause the applicable Newco Purchaser to, provide to the applicable requesting GE Supplier, in reasonable detail, the GE Sourcing Costs Share with respect to applicable time periods. For purposes of this Section 4, “GE Sourcing Costs Share” means the quotient of (a) the amount of the sourcing costs incurred by the Newco Purchaser with respect to any Seller Good (as defined in the Supply Agreement) purchased by the Newco Purchaser from the GE Supplier in any given period of time divided by (b) the aggregate amount of the sourcing costs incurred by the Newco Group with respect to such Seller Good purchased by the Newco Group from the GE Group and third party suppliers in the same period of time.