Functions Sample Clauses

Functions. The functions of the National Joint Council are as follows:  To negotiate collective agreements on pay and conditions and any other related matters that the two Sides of the National Joint Council agree to negotiate on.  To urge all local authorities, recognised unions and employers to apply national agreements.  To promote co-operation between employers and recognised unions throughout local government.  To make advice available to local authorities, recognised unions and employees on industrial relations and personnel issues.  To settle differences of interpretation and / or application of the national agreement that cannot be resolved locally or provincially.  To assist where required in the resolution of disputes that cannot be resolved locally or provincially.  To undertake any activity incidental to the above.
Functions. The Contractor’s Member services call center functions must include, but are not limited to, the following Member services standards:
Functions. To review and make recommendations regarding the Peer Assistance Program, the peer assistants to be hired, and the employee education program. The Committee shall report its recommendations to the PTD Director and the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) or their designee for action.
Functions. The functions of a Lenders’ Consultant shall include, without limitation: (i) inspection and physical review of any Borrowing Base Property; (ii) review and analysis of environmental matters; (iii) review and analysis of financial and legal matters; and (iv) providing usual inspection and review services for any Repair Work.
Functions. The functions of the OwnersCommittee shall be limited to the following:
Functions. 3.4.1 The Software is a standard software licensed “as is”, and it shall be the responsibility of the Licensee alone to ensure that the functions in the Software fulfil the Licensee’s requirements.
Functions. 5.2.1. Alcoholic beverages may be provided and served at functions in a residence, namely house dances, dinners, first-year, second-year and senior dances, and other special occasions approved by the RH in terms of the liquor licence applicable to the particular residence.