Physical Therapy Sample Clauses

Physical Therapy. For the following Covered Services that are services under an HCBS Waiver, the requirements are as follows:
Physical Therapy. Shall be defined as remedial Services for the treatment of an Injury or Illness by means of therapeutic massage and exercise; heat, light and sound waves; electrical stimulation; hydrotherapy; and manual traction.
Physical Therapy l. Occupational therapy.
Physical Therapy. Charges for the first twenty (20) visits to a licensed physical therapist for physical therapy, including neuromuscular rehabilitation. After twenty (20) visits in a Plan Year, Company shall pay fifty percent (50%) of Eligible Charges.
Physical Therapy. Therapy that provides evaluations and treatment programs using exercise, modalities, and adaptive equipment to restore, re- inforce, or enhance motor performance. It focuses on the quality of movement, reflex development, range of motion, muscle strength, gait, and gross motor development, seeking to decrease ab- normal movement and posture while facilitating normal movement and equilibrium reactions. The therapy, which is conducted by a qualified phys- ical therapist, provides for measure- ment and training in the use of adapt- ive equipment and prosthetic and orthotic appliances. Therapy may be conducted by a qualified physical ther- apist assistant under the clinical su- pervision of a qualified physical thera- pist.
Physical Therapy. (a) Physical therapy includes treatment by physical means, hydrotherapy, heat, or similar modalities, physical agents, bio-mechanical and neuro- physiological principles and devices. Such therapy is given to relieve pain, restore function, and to prevent disability following illness, injury, or loss of a body part.
Physical Therapy. It is established to the satisfaction of the Employer or, a qualified physician selected by the Employer that driver has a medical necessity for physical therapy. Such therapy must be administered by a registered physical therapist. If at all possible the therapy will be scheduled outside the driver’s scheduled work time or by using an Employer approved alternative work schedule or make-up work opportunities to cover the required time away from work.
Physical Therapy. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary – American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) Geriatrics - ABPTS Neurology - ABPTS Orthopedics - ABPTS Women’s Health - ABPTS Clinical Wound Specialist - American Board of Wound Management XXXX – Lymphology Association of North America Certified Edema specialist - Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy. Treatment to restore, improve or maintain impaired functions by using activities and chemicals with heat, light, electricity or sound, and by massage and active, resistive, or passive exercise when determined through a multi-disciplinary assessment to improve an enrollee’s capability to live safely in the home setting. (19)
Physical Therapy treatment provided by a Doctor of Medicine or under the direction of a Doctor of Medicine when provided by a registered physical therapist, certified occupational therapist or licensed doctor of podiatric medi- cine. Treatment utilizes physical agents and therapeutic pro- cedures, such as ultrasound, heat, range of motion testing, and massage, to improve a patient’s musculoskeletal, neu- romuscular and respiratory systems. Plan — the Blue Shield of California and/or the Blue Shield Spectrum PPO Plan. Pre-existing Conditionan illness, injury or condition (including Total Disability) which existed during the 6 months prior to the enrollment date of coverage if, during that time, any medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received from a licensed health practitioner. Prosthesis (Prosthetics) — an artificial part, appliance or device used to replace or augment a missing or impaired part of the body.