Gross Amount definition

Gross Amount means, for each Distribution Date with respect to a Monthly Period, the sum of (a) the Gross Amount Allocation Percentage of Allocable Finance Charge Collections for the Due Period immediately preceding such Distribution Date, (b) Reallocated Investor Finance Charge Collections for such Distribution Date and (c) the Class A Excess Investment Proceeds for such Distribution Date, if any.
Gross Amount means the amount of an Accelerated Life Benefit elected by
Gross Amount means the gross amount invoiced for the Product or AG Product, sold by Par, its Affiliate or a permitted sublicensee, as the case may be, in the Territory.

Examples of Gross Amount in a sentence

  • See Periodic Installment Payment Options below for explanation of the options available.● If I select the Net Amount box, the actual withdrawal amount will be greater than the withdrawal amount received to account for applicable income taxes and fees.● If I select the Gross Amount box, applicable income taxes and fees will be withheld from the gross amount, resulting in an amount less than the requested amount.

  • The undersigned understands that the "Total or Gross Amount Bid" as immediately hereinbefore set forth is not the final amount which will be paid if this proposal is accepted and the work done, but that such amount is computed for the purpose of comparison of the bids submitted and the determination of the amount of the performance bond.

  • Statutory deductions including those in respect of VAT, 2% Income Tax, 4%Sales Tax, surcharge & 1% labour cess as applicable will be deducted from Gross Amount of each bill of the agency/contractor.

  • For each endogenous variable in the economy, boundedly rational agents learn to use a simple, but optimal AR(1) forecasting rule with parameters consistent with the observed sample mean and autocorrelation of past data.

  • Section 5.0 - Transportation describes the external and internal transportation network for the NASP.

More Definitions of Gross Amount

Gross Amount of an account means the gross face amount payable pursuant to the related invoice. "Net Amount" of an account means the Gross Amount of such account, less all permitted discounts, deductions and allowances. "Residual Payment" with respect to an account means the aggregate amount collected with respect to such account, less the sum of (i) the Initial Payment with respect to such account, (ii) the KBK Discounts (as hereinafter defined), (iii) any and all attorneys' fees and other costs of collection.
Gross Amount means the total amount of Redress offered before any tax is deducted, before our Fee is deducted, before it is placed into your pension or before any Redress is offset against debt or arrears.
Gross Amount means the free and clear amount, without withholding or deduction for any taxes or duties of whatever nature.
Gross Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 4.1 below.
Gross Amount shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a) hereof.
Gross Amount means as of any date of determination the lesser of (y) the Maximum Revolving Advance Amount, and (z) an amount equal to the sum of:
Gross Amount means NET SALES less all costs related to manufacturing and packaging the LICENSED PRODUCTS into a finished marketable condition.