GENERAL NATURE. A question of a general nature between Employer and the Union as to the meaning or application of the provisions of this agreement may be treated by the Union as a grievance and submitted in writing at Step 2 of the grievance procedure within fifteen days (15) after the Union becomes aware of the fact or event upon which question is based.
GENERAL NATURE. All Shares shall be personal property entitling the Shareholders only to those rights provided in this Declaration of Trust or in the resolution creating any class or series of Shares. The legal ownership of the property of the Trust is exclusively vested in the Trust and the right to conduct the business of the Trust is vested exclusively in the Trustees; the Shareholders shall have no interest therein other than beneficial interest in the Trust conferred by their Shares and shall have no right to compel any partition, division, dividend or distribution of the Trust or any of its property. The death of a Shareholder shall not terminate the Trust or give his or her legal representative any rights against other Shareholders, the Trustees or the Trust property, except the right, exercised in accordance with applicable provisions of the Trust's Bylaws (the "Bylaws"), to receive a new ------ certificate for Shares in exchange for the certificate held by the deceased Shareholder.
GENERAL NATURE. 7 Section 17.
GENERAL NATURE. The general nature of the proposed project (the "Project") is as follows: The development of the Xxxxx Xxxxxxx property and surrounding area into a development potentially containing the following: A service business located at 415 W Main, Xxxxxxx, offering boot sales and repair.
GENERAL NATURE. 5 Section 7.


  • Legal Names Except as described in Schedule 6.1(s), since January 1, 1995, the Originator (i) has not been known by any legal name other than its corporate name as of the date hereof, except as otherwise permitted pursuant to Section 7.3(d), (ii) has not been the subject of any merger or other corporate reorganization that resulted in a change of name, identity or corporate structure and (iii) has not used any trade names other than its actual corporate name.

  • LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION The subject property is a low-cost flat unit and bearing postal address of Unit No. C32-17, Lengkok Bercham Timur 0, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, 00000 Xxxx, Xxxxx. Accommodation:- Living area cum dining area, two (2) bedrooms, kitchen, common bathroom/water closet and balcony. RESERVE PRICE The property will be sold on an “as is where is” basis, subject to a reserve price of RM50,000.00 (RINGGIT MALAYSIA FIFTY THOUSAND ONLY) subject to the Conditions of Sale and by way of an Assignment from the Assignee subject to consent being obtained by the successful bidder (“the Purchaser”) from the relevant authorities, if any, including all terms, conditions, stipulations and covenants which were and may be imposed by the relevant authority. Online bidders are further subject to the Terms & Conditions on All intending bidders are required to deposit with the Auctioneer the sum equivalent to 10% of the fixed reserve price for the property by bank draft or cashier's order made in favour of RHB Bank Berhad or remit the same through online banking transfer, ONE (1) WORKING DAY BEFORE AUCTION DATE and the balance of the purchase price to be paid within ninety (90) days from the date of auction sale to RHB Bank Berhad via bank draft / XXXXXX. Details of payment via XXXXXX, please liaise with Messrs. Xxxxxxxx & Nawawi. For online bidders please refer to the Terms & Conditions on on the manner of payment of the deposit. For further particulars, please apply to Messrs. Xxxxxxxx & Nawawi, Solicitors for the Assignee/Bank at Xx. 00, Xxxxx Xxxxxx 0, Xxxxxx Xxxx Raya 30000 Ipoh, Perak (Ref No.: Please advice, Tel No.: 00-0000000 Fax No.: 00-0000000) or the under mentioned Auctioneer:- EHSAN AUCTIONEERS SDN BHD (Co. No. 617309-U) DATO’ HAJI XXXXX XXXXX BIN X.X. XXXX (D.I.M.P) Xxxxx X-00-0X, Xxxxx 00, Xxxxx X, Xxxxx Xxxxxx II, / XXXXX XXXXX BIN XXXXXX 00, Xxxxx Xxx Xxxx Xxxx, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. (Licensed Auctioneers) Tel No : 00-0000 0000 Fax No: 00-0000 0000 Our ref No: ALIN/RHB5148/LN E-mail: Website: PERISYTIHARAN JUALAN DALAM PERKARA PERJANJIAN PINJAMAN XXX SURATIKATAN PENYERAHAN HAK KEDUA-DUANYA BERTARIKH 10HB MEI, 2000 ANTARA RHB BANK BERHAD [No. Syarikat 196501000373 (6171-M)] Pihak Pemegang Xxxxx Xxx/Bank XXX XXXXXXXXX A/L XXXXXXXXXXX (NO K/P.: 691031-08-5381) MUNIAMAH A/P TANGGAMANI (NO K/P.: 680204-08-5870) Pihak Penyerahan Hak/Peminjam Menurut kuasa xxx xxx xxxx telah diberikan kepada Pihak Pemegang Xxxxx Xxx/Bank di bawah Perjanjian Pinjaman xxx Suratikatan Penyerahan Hak Kedua-duanya Bertarikh 10hb Mei, 2000 di antara Pihak Penyerah Hak/Pihak Peminjam xxx Pihak Pemegang Xxxxx Xxx/Bank adalah dengan ini diisytiharkan bahawa Pihak Pemegang Xxxxx Xxx/Bank dengan dibantu oleh Pelelong yang tersebut di bawah akan menjual hartanah yang diterangkan di bawah secara:- AKAN MENJUAL HARTANAH YANG DIHURAIKAN DI BAWAH SECARA LELONGAN AWAM SECARA ATAS TALIAN PADA HARI SELASA, 09 HARIBULAN JUN, 2020 JAM 2.30 PETANG XX XXXXX XXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXX

  • General Responsibilities of the Parties 1. The Parties will work together in a spirit of cooperation and partnership, with the responsibilities and accountabilities set out in this Agreement, to implement the Programme Documents in full in a timely, efficient, and effective, manner.

  • Waiver of Effect of Corporate Seal The Borrower represents and warrants that neither it nor any other Loan Party is required to affix its corporate seal to this Agreement or any other Loan Document pursuant to any Requirement of Law, agrees that this Agreement is delivered by the Borrower under seal and waives any shortening of the statute of limitations that may result from not affixing the corporate seal to this Agreement or such other Loan Documents.

  • General Responsibility The Consultant shall, at all times during the Agreement, remain responsible. The Consultant agrees, if requested by the Commissioner of NYSDOT or his or her designee, to present evidence of its continuing legal authority to do business in New York State, integrity, experience, ability, prior performance, and organizational and financial capacity.

  • Legal Name The Seller’s exact legal name is, and at all times has been, the name indicated for it on the signature page below.

  • Corporate Seal The Board of Directors may provide a suitable seal, containing the name of the Corporation, which seal shall be in the charge of the Secretary. If and when so directed by the Board of Directors or a committee thereof, duplicates of the seal may be kept and used by the Treasurer or by an Assistant Secretary or Assistant Treasurer.

  • Orientation and Training A transferring employee will be orientated separately to both or their new home in accordance with Article 20 the collective agreement of the designated employer.

  • General Responsibilities Issuer hereby engages Distributor to act as exclusive distributor of the shares of each class of the Funds. The Funds subject to this Agreement as of the date hereof are identified on SCHEDULE A, which may be amended from time to time in accordance with Section 11 below. Sales of a Fund's shares shall be made only to investors residing in those states in which such Fund is registered. After effectiveness of each Fund’s registration statement, Distributor will hold itself available to receive, as agent for the Fund, and will receive by mail, telex, telephone, or such other method as may be agreed upon between Distributor and Issuer, orders for the purchase of Fund shares, and will accept or reject such orders on behalf of the Fund in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Fund’s prospectus. Distributor will be available to transmit orders, as promptly as possible after it accepts such orders, to the Fund’s transfer agent for processing at the shares’ net asset value next determined in accordance with the prospectuses.

  • General Description The purpose of the HUB Program is to promote full and equal business opportunities for all businesses in State contracting. In accordance with 34 TAC §20.14(d)(1)(D)(iii), a respondent (prime contractor) may demonstrate good faith effort to utilize Texas certified HUBs for its subcontracting opportunities if the total value of the respondent’s subcontracts with Texas certified HUBs meets or exceeds the statewide HUB goal or the agency specific HUB goal, whichever is higher. When a respondent uses this method to demonstrate good faith effort, the respondent must identify the HUBs with which it will subcontract. If using existing contracts with Texas certified HUBs to satisfy this requirement, only contracts that have been in place for five years or less shall qualify for meeting the HUB goal. This limitation is designed to encourage vendor rotation as recommended by the 2009 Texas Disparity Study.