GENERAL NATURE. All Shares shall be personal property entitling the Shareholders only to those rights provided in this Declaration of Trust or in the resolution creating any class or series of Shares. The legal ownership of the property of the Trust is exclusively vested in the Trust and the right to conduct the business of the Trust is vested exclusively in the Trustees; the Shareholders shall have no interest therein other than beneficial interest in the Trust conferred by their Shares and shall have no right to compel any partition, division, dividend or distribution of the Trust or any of its property. The death of a Shareholder shall not terminate the Trust or give his or her legal representative any rights against other Shareholders, the Trustees or the Trust property, except the right, exercised in accordance with applicable provisions of the Trust's Bylaws (the "Bylaws"), to receive a new ------ certificate for Shares in exchange for the certificate held by the deceased Shareholder.
GENERAL NATURE. The general nature of the proposed projects (the “Projects”) is as follows: Acquiring and constructing a commercial facility, consisting of an approximately 880,254 square foot omni channel distribution and fulfillment center, containing approximately 60,000 square feet of office space, and including land, buildings, structures, improvements and fixtures, all generally located on approximately 65 acres southeast of the intersection of State Avenue and Speedway Boulevard within the municipal boundaries of the UG, and including particularly operating and/or contracting for the provision of certain transportation services related to and substantially for the benefit of the community improvement district.
GENERAL NATURE. A question of a general nature between Employer and the Union as to the meaning or application of the provisions of this agreement may be treated by the Union as a grievance and submitted in writing at Step 2 of the grievance procedure within fifteen days (15) after the Union becomes aware of the fact or event upon which question is based.
GENERAL NATURE. The general nature of the proposed project (the "Project") is as follows: The development of the Steve Trotter property and surrounding area into a development potentially containing the following: A service business located at 415 W Main, Anthony, offering boot sales and repair.


GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PARTIES 7.1. The Parties are each solely responsible for participation in and compliance with national network plans, including The National Network Security Plan and The Emergency Preparedness Plan. Neither Party shall use any service related to or use any of the Services provided in this Agreement in any manner that prevents other persons from using their service or destroys the normal quality of service to other carriers or to either Party's customers, and subject to notice and a reasonable opportunity of the offending Party to cure any violation, either Party may discontinue or refuse service if the other Party violates this provision.
ASSOCIATION AND TEACHER RIGHTS 2.01 The Board hereby agrees that every full-time and part-time Teacher, Librarian, Guidance Counselor, and others included in the HCEA Bargaining Unit and thus employed by the Board shall have the right to freely organize, join and support the Association for the purpose of engaging in negotiations and other concerted activities for mutual aid and protection. As a duly elected body exercising governmental power under code of law of the State of Florida, the Board undertakes and agrees that it will not directly or indirectly discourage, deprive or coerce any Teacher in the enjoyment of any rights conferred by this Agreement; that it will not discriminate against any Teacher with respect to wages, hours, terms or conditions of employment by reason of his/her membership in the Association, his/her participation in any lawful activities of the Association or by collective professional negotiations with the Board, or his/her institution of any grievance, complaint or proceeding under this Agreement.
Data Protection and Security Plan To the extent Licensor is exposed to an individual's Protected Data, Licensor agrees it has and shall continue to maintain a data protection and security plan.
Maintenance of Hazard Insurance and Errors and Omissions and Fidelity Coverage (a) The Servicer shall cause to be maintained for each Mortgage Loan fire insurance with extended coverage on the related Mortgaged Property in an amount which is at least equal to the least of (i) the outstanding principal balance of such Mortgage Loan, (ii) the amount necessary to fully compensate for any damage or loss to the improvements that are a part of such property on a replacement cost basis and (iii) the maximum insurable value of the improvements which are a part of such Mortgaged Property, in each case in an amount not less than such amount as is necessary to avoid the application of any coinsurance clause contained in the related hazard insurance policy. The Servicer shall also cause to be maintained fire insurance with extended coverage on each REO Property in an amount which is at least equal to the lesser of (i) the maximum insurable value of the improvements which are a part of such property and (ii) the outstanding principal balance of the related Mortgage Loan at the time it became an REO Property, plus accrued interest at the Mortgage Rate and related Servicing Advances. The Servicer will comply in the performance of this Agreement with all reasonable rules and requirements of each insurer under any such hazard policies. Any amounts to be collected by the Servicer under any such policies (other than amounts required to be deposited in the Escrow Account and applied to the restoration or repair of the property subject to the related Mortgage or amounts to be released to the Mortgagor in accordance with the procedures that the Servicer would follow in servicing loans held for its own account, subject to the terms and conditions of the related Mortgage and Mortgage Note) shall be deposited in the Collection Account, subject to withdrawal pursuant to Section 3.11. Any cost incurred by the Servicer in maintaining any such insurance shall not, for the purpose of calculating distributions to the Trustee, be added to the unpaid principal balance of the related Mortgage Loan, notwithstanding that the terms of such Mortgage Loan so permit. It is understood and agreed that no earthquake or other additional insurance is to be required of any Mortgagor other than pursuant to such applicable laws and regulations as shall at any time be in force and as shall require such additional insurance. If the Mortgaged Property or REO Property is at any time in an area identified in the Federal Register by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as having special flood hazards and flood insurance has been made available, the Servicer will cause to be maintained a flood insurance policy in respect thereof. Such flood insurance shall be in an amount equal to the lesser of (i) the unpaid principal balance of the related Mortgage Loan and (ii) the maximum amount of such insurance available for the related Mortgaged Property under the national flood insurance program (assuming that the area in which such Mortgaged Property is located is participating in such program).
Orientation and Training A transferring employee will be orientated separately to both or their new home in accordance with Article 20 the collective agreement of the designated employer.
General Responsibilities Issuer hereby engages Distributor to act as exclusive distributor of the shares of each class of the Funds. The Funds subject to this Agreement as of the date hereof are identified on SCHEDULE A, which may be amended from time to time in accordance with Section 11 below. Sales of a Fund's shares shall be made only to investors residing in those states in which such Fund is registered. After effectiveness of each Fund’s registration statement, Distributor will hold itself available to receive, as agent for the Fund, and will receive by mail, telex, telephone, or such other method as may be agreed upon between Distributor and Issuer, orders for the purchase of Fund shares, and will accept or reject such orders on behalf of the Fund in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Fund’s prospectus. Distributor will be available to transmit orders, as promptly as possible after it accepts such orders, to the Fund’s transfer agent for processing at the shares’ net asset value next determined in accordance with the prospectuses.
General Notices Except for notices pursuant to Sections 7.6 and 7.7, all notices to be given under or in relation to this Agreement will be given either (i) in writing at the address of the appropriate party as set forth below or (ii) via facsimile or electronic mail as provided below, unless that party has given a notice of change of postal or email address, or facsimile number, as provided in this Agreement. All notices under Sections 7.6 and 7.7 shall be given by both posting of the applicable information on ICANN’s web site and transmission of such information to Registry Operator by electronic mail. Any change in the contact information for notice below will be given by the party within thirty (30) calendar days of such change. Other than notices under Sections 7.6 or 7.7, any notice required by this Agreement will be deemed to have been properly given (i) if in paper form, when delivered in person or via courier service with confirmation of receipt or (ii) if via facsimile or by electronic mail, upon confirmation of receipt by the recipient’s facsimile machine or email server, provided that such notice via facsimile or electronic mail shall be followed by a copy sent by regular postal mail service within three (3) calendar days. Any notice required by Sections 7.6 or 7.7 will be deemed to have been given when electronically posted on ICANN’s website and upon confirmation of receipt by the email server. In the event other means of notice become practically achievable, such as notice via a secure website, the parties will work together to implement such notice means under this Agreement. If to ICANN, addressed to: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 12025 Waterfront Drive, Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90094-­‐2536 USA Telephone: +1-­‐310-­‐301-­‐5800 Facsimile: +1-­‐310-­‐823-­‐8649 Attention: President and CEO With a Required Copy to: General Counsel Email: (As specified from time to time.) If to Registry Operator, addressed to: [ ] [ ] [ ] Charleston Road Registry, Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 USA Telephone: +1-­‐650-­‐253-­‐1035 Facsimile: +1-­‐650-­‐887-­‐2552 Attention: Nidhi Shah, Corporate Counsel With a Required Copy to: Email: (As specified from time to time.) Email:
General Description Employer shall provide Employee with the compensation, incentives, benefits, and business expense reimbursement specified elsewhere in this agreement.
Reservation and Listing The Company shall at all times reserve and keep available out of its authorized Shares, solely for the purpose of issuance upon exercise of the Purchase Warrants, such number of Shares or other securities, properties or rights as shall be issuable upon the exercise thereof. The Company covenants and agrees that, upon exercise of the Purchase Warrants and payment of the Exercise Price therefor, in accordance with the terms hereby, all Shares and other securities issuable upon such exercise shall be duly and validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable and not subject to preemptive rights of any shareholder. The Company further covenants and agrees that upon exercise of the Purchase Warrants and payment of the exercise price therefor, all Shares and other securities issuable upon such exercise shall be duly and validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable and not subject to preemptive rights of any shareholder. As long as the Purchase Warrants shall be outstanding, the Company shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to cause all Shares issuable upon exercise of the Purchase Warrants to be listed (subject to official notice of issuance) on all national securities exchanges (or, if applicable, on the OTC Bulletin Board or any successor trading market) on which the Shares issued to the public in the Offering may then be listed and/or quoted.
Requirements for Protection In compliance with NPCC requirements and Good Utility Practice, Developer shall provide, install, own, and maintain relays, circuit breakers and all other devices necessary to remove any fault contribution of the Large Generating Facility to any short circuit occurring on the New York State Transmission System not otherwise isolated by Connecting Transmission Owner’s equipment, such that the removal of the fault contribution shall be coordinated with the protective requirements of the New York State Transmission System. Such protective equipment shall include, without limitation, a disconnecting device or switch with load- interrupting capability located between the Large Generating Facility and the New York State Transmission System at a site selected upon mutual agreement (not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed) of the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner. Developer shall be responsible for protection of the Large Generating Facility and Developer’s other equipment from such conditions as negative sequence currents, over- or under-frequency, sudden load rejection, over- or under-voltage, and generator loss-of-field. Developer shall be solely responsible to disconnect the Large Generating Facility and Developer’s other equipment if conditions on the New York State Transmission System could adversely affect the Large Generating Facility.