Customer Credits Sample Clauses

Customer Credits. (a) For each issuance by a Bank Party of AM to any Collector other than as described in Section 10.2(b), the Bank shall forthwith notify LM of such issuance, which notification shall include notification as to the Collector’s name and Collector number, the number of AM issued and all such other details as LM may reasonably require from time to time (such details to be communicated by LM to the Bank as soon as practicable) and including, starting on January 1, 2001 (or, in the case of offer code by individual product offer and location code, by no later than December 31, 2001) for each Non-BankCard AM, Sponsor code (by line of business), offer code (by individual product offer or specific promotional bonus) and location code, except in each case to the extent the provision of such information by the Bank would be illegal or violate any agreements with customers to which the Bank is a party. LM shall credit such Customer’s or employee’s AM Account with the notified number of AM. The Bank represents and warrants to LM that, to the best of the Bank’s knowledge, the provision of such information by the Bank to LM, including the separation of chequing and savings account balance based AM earned, will not be illegal or violate any such agreement. To the extent nonetheless, that the Bank determines that it may only provide such information with the consent of a Collector, the Bank will use all reasonable efforts to obtain such consent, consistent with its approach generally to the obtaining of similar consents for other purposes from its Customers. Nothing contained in this Section 10.2(a) shall (i) prohibit the Bank from amending the terms of its agreements with its Customers from time to time, even if to do so would create a restriction applicable to the provision of information to LM that did not exist prior thereto, so long as any such amendment by the Bank is made generally and not with a focus specifically related to the provision of information to LM or information of the type which would otherwise have been provided to LM, or (ii) require the Bank to provide information to LM where provision of such information would be illegal. If at any time or from time to time the Bank provides any information to LM in breach of any law or any such agreement, the Bank will indemnify and save LM and its Representatives harmless from and against any and all Costs suffered or incurred by them as a result of its receipt of such information in violation of such law or agree...
Customer Credits. Any credits issued by Seller must be applied by Buyer to another purchase, or a written request from Buyer for a cash disbursement of said credit, must be received within 180 days of the credit’s date of issuance by Seller; otherwise, this credit shall be forfeited by Buyer. If any credit issued is intended to pay in part or whole for replacement Goods, then the credit is not eligible for cash disbursement to Buyer until it has been used to pay the Seller’s invoice for the replacement Goods.
Customer Credits. Except for such items described on Schedule 5.15 of the Disclosure Schedule, there are not outstanding any unexpired documents issued or statements made by Seller entitling any customer to a credit discount, refund or rebate.
Customer Credits. The Customer is entitled to a credit if CBTS has two (2) or more Service Level Defaults in any single month. Service credits will be issued by CBTS, based on the following table. In the event that CBTS defaults and is obligated to issue customer credit, CBTS will have the opportunity to earn back this credit. If the one month following the credit does not contain any Service Level Defaults, 100% of the credit will be forgiven. The credit is due to the Customer after this one month grace period. Service Level Defaults Customer Credit 0-1 0% of monthly service charge 2-3 5% of monthly service charge 4-5 10% of monthly service charge 6 or more 15% of monthly service charge Maximum cumulative penalties not to exceed 15% of the monthly service charge.
Customer Credits. Company will remit to Buyer up to the amount of any customer credit listed on Schedule 7.12 which is credited by Buyer to such customer following the Closing Date in connection with such customer's purchase of additional products or inventory from Buyer. Buyer shall provide Company with evidence that such amount has been so credited by Buyer.
Customer Credits. Seller and each of the SFI Shareholders, jointly and severally, hereby agree to pay to Buyer the amount of any customer credit listed on Schedule 3.20 hereto that Buyer, upon request of a customer, is required to pay, at any time, to a customer. Buyer shall not inform customers of their right to receive payment of a customer credit.
Customer Credits. All Liabilities in connection with customer returns for credit which relate to products sold by the Business prior to Closing shall remain the responsibility of Company; provided, however, that (i) no customer returns for credit shall be accepted by Buyer without the prior consent of Company and (ii) Buyer shall purchase from Company any such products returned by customers for fifty percent of the present standard cost of such products. If Company and Buyer determine in good faith that any such returned products are not reusable, Buyer shall have no obligation hereunder to repurchase such returned products from Company.
Customer Credits. (A) In consideration for Customers Minimum Revenue Commitments and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, in then event Customer maintains Monthly Revenue (as defined in Section 2 of the PET) of at least the following amounts during each of the respective billing periods set forth below: BILLING PERIOD MONTHLY REVENUE ------------- --------------- October 2003 $[*****] November 2003 $[*****] December 2003 $[*****] January 2004 $[*****] MCI agrees to give Customer a one-time credit equal to $[*****] (the "FIRST SPECIAL CREDIT"). MCI shall apply the First Special Credit commencing with Customer's second invoice from MCI following the January 2004 billing period; provided, however, in no event will the amount of the First Special Credit exceed $[*****] nor will the First Special Credit to be applied exceed the amount of Customer's invoice (i.e., any excess amounts will be applied to Customers successive invoices from MCI).
Customer Credits. The net balance of the Customer Credits as set forth in Section 5.2.1 equaled $245,505.98 on July 27, 2009.
Customer Credits. During the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding the date hereof, no customer of Seller has received or claimed in writing or, to the Knowledge of Seller, otherwise to be entitled to (whether pursuant to a service level agreement or otherwise), nor has Seller agreed (whether orally or in writing, except as identified on Section 3.23 of the Seller Disclosure Letter) to provide to any customer, any material service, goodwill or other credit against fees payable to Seller by any customer.