Line of Business definition

Line of Business as defined in Section 7.15.
Line of Business refers to a type of insurance product or policy or benefit program. Lines of business are defined in detail in Section I of the Attachment.

Examples of Line of Business in a sentence

  • Specialty of Line of Business Test: Testing to ensure that the segments and data elements required for certain healthcare se r- vices are present and correctly formatted according to the TR3.

  • Following after Scherer (1984), who linked 15,000 patents to the 443 largest US manufacturing firms in the FTC’s Line of Business Survey, Griliches and others explored outward linkages to R&D figures and stock market data for publicly traded corporations.

  • If the prioritization criteria need to change, staff from SPU Drainage and Wastewater Line of Business and SDOT Maintenance Operations must agree to the changes and the reprioritization of the known sites.

  • Less than 50% of Targa’s Consolidated assets, after deducting therefrom the value (net of any applicable reserves) of all goodwill, trade names, trademarks, patents and other like intangible assets, are in the Present Line of Business.

More Definitions of Line of Business

Line of Business or “LOB” shall mean any of the Company’s business segments or designated business units.
Line of Business means the business described in this paragraph and shall also mean any other activity or business enterprise in which the Company or any subsidiary engages, whether or not related to the foregoing, at any time during the Term hereof.
Line of Business means (i) the Company’s development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of Designated Product throughout the world, either alone or with corporate partners, (ii) the Company acquiring through in-licensing or internal development and marketing other medical foods and products incorporating Eligen®, (iii) the Company’s continued development of improved dosage forms of drugs, either alone or with corporate partners, by applying its proprietary Eligen® technology to those drugs or licensing its Eligen® technology to partners who apply it to their products, and (iv) the continuation of the Company’s existing agreements with Novartis and Novo Nordisk for products containing the Eligen® technology.
Line of Business means either individual, small group or large group coverage;
Line of Business means investment in commercial properties and/or the development, operation, or management of such properties.
Line of Business means a business unit of the Firm (or one or more business units designated below under the definitionLine of Business Financial Threshold” of the Corporate Investment Bank). All Corporate Functions (including the functions of the Chief Investment Office) are considered a single Line of Business.