By Customers Sample Clauses

By Customers. In the event that this Contract is terminated for (i) Contractor’s default pursuant to Section 16.1 or (ii) Contractor’s Excessive Force Majeure pursuant to Section 16.2:
By Customers. Customer may request that HelloSign make available documentation reasonably necessary to demonstrate compliance with the obligations under GDPR Article 28, including the executive summary of HelloSign’s annual security audit conducted by an independent, third party auditor. Except with respect to audits required by a government regulator or supervisory authority, Customer agrees to exercise its audit rights under applicable EU Data Protection Laws by requesting the above information. Without limiting Customer’s responsibilities under this DPA, HelloSign will use reasonable efforts to inform Customer if it discovers, in connection with an audit described in GDPR Article 28(3)(h), information that in HelloSign’s opinion would cause Customer’s Instructions to infringe EU Data Protection Laws. Any requests under this Section may occur no more than once per calendar year.
By Customers. Distributor, in its discretion, may accept returns of Products from Customers at any time for any reason, but Products accepted for return by Distributor do not qualify for return to the Company, except as may be agreed in writing by the Company.
By Customers. To the extent that any Customer fails to pay the Company and thereby Contractor is not paid (when due) by the Company with respect to Services provided to such Customer, then Contractor may cease providing the Services to such Customer upon 14 days prior written notice to the Company. Similarly, if any Customer fails to pay the Company for any Services provided to such Customer by Contractor, the Company may instruct Contractor to cease providing the Services to such Customer upon 7 days prior written notice. In either event, the parties shall consult prior to making any decision to cease providing the Services and, at the Company's reasonable request, Contractor shall cooperate with the Company in its efforts to collect fees from Customers.

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  • By Customer To the extent permitted by applicable law, Customer will defend Microsoft and its Affiliates against any third-party claim to the extent it alleges that: (1) any Customer Data or Non-Microsoft Product hosted in an Online Service by Microsoft on Customer's behalf misappropriates a trade secret or directly infringes a patent, copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right of a third party; or (2) Customer’s use of any Product, alone or in combination with anything else, violates the law or xxxxx a third party. Limitation of liability. For each Product, each party’s maximum, aggregate liability to the other under this Agreement is limited to direct damages finally awarded in an amount not to exceed the amounts Customer was required to pay for the Products during the term of the applicable licenses, subject to the following:

  • Suppliers and Customers The documents and information supplied by the Company to Parent or any of its representatives in connection with this Agreement with respect to relationships and volumes of business done with its significant suppliers, distributors and customers are accurate in all material respects. During the last twelve (12) months, the Company has not received any notice of termination or written threat of termination from any of the ten (10) largest suppliers or the ten (10) largest customers of the Company and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, or any information that any such customer, distributor or supplier intends to materially decrease the amount of business that it does with the Company or any Subsidiary.

  • Customers The names of your Customers will remain your sole property and will not be used by us except for servicing or informational mailings and other correspondence in the normal course of business.

  • Customers; Suppliers Executive does not have, and at any time during the term of this Agreement shall not have, any employment with or any direct or indirect interest in (as owner, partner, shareholder, employee, director, officer, agent, consultant or otherwise) any customer of or supplier to Company.

  • Suppliers While employed by the Company, and for one (1) year thereafter, Employee shall not cause or induce, or attempt to cause or induce, any person or firm supplying goods, services or credit to the Company or any of its affiliates to diminish or cease furnishing such goods, services or credit.

  • Contact with Customers and Suppliers Prior to the Closing, to the extent permitted by Requirements of Law, Parent and the Buyer shall reasonably cooperate in communicating with the customers and suppliers of the Business concerning the transactions contemplated hereby, including the Buyer’s intentions concerning the operation of the Business following the Closing. Prior to the Closing, the Buyer and its representatives shall contact or communicate with the customers and suppliers of the Business in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby only with the prior written consent of Parent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed and may be conditioned upon a designee of Parent being present at any meeting or conference. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Section 7.9 shall prohibit the Buyer from contacting the customers and suppliers of the Business in the ordinary course of the Buyer’s businesses for the purpose of selling products of the Buyer’s businesses or for any other purpose unrelated to the Business or the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Significant Customers and Suppliers No customer or supplier which was significant to the Company during the period covered by the Financial Statements or which has been significant to the Company thereafter, has terminated or breached, materially reduced or threatened to terminate, breach or materially reduce its purchases from or provision of products or services to the Company, as the case may be.

  • Customers and Suppliers (a) Schedule 4.18(a) of the Company Disclosure Schedules sets forth with respect to the Company Business (i) a list of the top ten (10) customers, by aggregate dollar volume, for each of the two (2) most recent fiscal years (collectively, the “Material Customers”); and (ii) the amount of consideration paid by each Material Customer during such periods. Except as set forth in Schedule 4.18(a) of the Company Disclosure Schedules, the Company has not received any notice, and has no reason to believe, that any of the Material Customers has ceased, or intends to cease after the Closing Date, to use the goods or services of the Company or to otherwise terminate or materially reduce its relationship with the Company.