Costs and Benefits Sample Clauses

Costs and Benefits. Notwithstanding any term or provision of this Section 8.12 to the contrary, without limiting the right of the Agent or the Lenders to require a Lien or a security interest in the Equity Interests of, or guaranty from, any newly acquired or created Subsidiary of the Borrower (or any Subsidiary of the Borrower that ceases to be an Immaterial Subsidiary), or a Lien or security interest on any assets or properties of the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, so long as no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, the Borrower may request in writing to the Agent that the Majority Lenders waive the requirements of this Section 8.12 to provide a Lien, security interest or guaranty, as the case may be, due to the cost or burden thereof (including any adverse tax consequences) to the Borrower and its Subsidiaries (when taken as a whole) being unreasonably excessive relative to the benefit that would inure to the Secured Parties therefrom, and describing such cost or burden in reasonable detail. Upon receipt of any such written notice, the Agent shall review and consider such request with the Lenders in good faith and, within five (5) Business Days of receipt of such request, the Majority Lenders (after consultation with the Agent) shall determine in their sole but commercially reasonable discretion, and notify the Borrower of such determination, whether the Majority Lenders will grant such request for a waiver.
Costs and Benefits. 1. Each party shall bear all the costs and expenses deriving from the Activity it has to conduct as provided in the annexed Project Proposal.
Costs and Benefits. Each party shall bear all the costs and expenses deriving from the Activity it has to conduct as provided in the annexed Project Proposal. Costs and expenses deriving from a common shared activity have to be supported equally by both Parties. Any different agreement between the Parties regarding what is expressed by paragraph 1 and 2 of this article has to be agreed between the Parties in written form.
Costs and Benefits. A. Northwest and Gulfstream agree that the rights and obligations of the parties set forth in this Agreement (“Rights and Obligations”) will benefit Northwest and Gulfstream by increasing the number and yield of paying passengers and making NW’s frequent flyer program more competitive with frequent flyer programs offered by other carriers. Northwest and Gulfstream also agree that the Rights and Obligations will subject Northwest and Gulfstream to additional costs in terms of additional administration and management, displacement, dilution, and passenger-related costs for additional passengers from Program Awards. Any payment between the parties with respect to this Agreement is intended to balance the costs and benefits as between the parties.
Costs and Benefits. The PB team will generate planning level cost estimates for infrastructure projects and for other initiatives (such as ITS) requiring capital outlays. The PB team will conduct cost-benefit analysis by means of the proven Xxxxxxx Brinckerhoff’s PRISM tool. PRISM has been used in multiple successful TIGER applications, including for NCDOT, and is recognized by US DOT as an effective platform for the rigorous analysis the TIGER program requires. It distinguishes public and private benefits, and calculates economic impacts. The results of benefit-cost analysis will feed into the prioritization process in the next task 9.5, to shape final recommendations and inclusions in strategy packages. Deliverable(s): • Benefits-Costs Analysis
Costs and Benefits. Shell believes this will result in a benefit to the market as it will provide clarification to what is currently a “grey area” in the Exchange Agreement which may discourage parties from utilising this option if they do not have sufficient confidence that there are regulatory structures in place to easily “unwindthe arrangement if circumstances change. Without this change the number of parties trading at the GSH could be less than it otherwise would be, thus potentially reducing the level of liquidity, transparency and the role of the GSH in the East Coast Gas Market. There should be no material costs associated with cancelling restricted trading between parties, and the proposed amendments should be achievable with minimal changes to the Exchange Agreement. We look forward to receiving a response from you regarding this proposal and the next steps. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Xxxxxxx Xxxxx on (00) 0000 0000. Yours Sincerely, Xxxxx Xxxxxx Vice President Shell Energy Australia Trading
Costs and Benefits as a Signatory to the Government Procurement Agreement
Costs and Benefits. Premium ..............................................