Completions Sample Clauses

Completions. The RTO must report all completions in Student Statistical Reports to the Department in relation to each Eligible Individual. Completions must be reported in accordance with the Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines, specifically in relation to the NAT 130 ‘Qualification Completedfile in each monthly submission. When the Eligible Individual has completed activity under the Training Plan, the RTO must assess, record and report qualification completion as soon as possible after successful completion. The RTO must issue recognised qualifications or Statements of Attainment to the specifications of the relevant accredited courses, endorsed national Training Packages, as well as any other applicable guidelines, regulations or legislation. Refer to the Guidelines about Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Delivery for particular requirements relating to completions by Apprentices/Trainees.
Completions. For determinations under Article 13.1 (Non-consent Operations), each Non-consent Operation in a single wellbore shall be accounted for separately.
Completions. For determinations under 13.1(Non-consent Operations), each Completion shall be considered a separate well.
Completions. 9.1 Phase 1 Completion will take place at the offices of Camilleri Preziosi or at any other place in Malta as may be agreed between the Parties, on or before the relevant Completion Date and will be effected as provided for in Schedule 3.
Completions. South Norfolk: 0 net new dwellingsNorth Norfolk: 1 net new dwelling• Great Yarmouth Borough Council: 0 net new dwellings• East Suffolk: 0 net new dwelling• Norwich: 0 net new dwellings• Broadland: 0 net new dwellings Source: Council monitoring officers and BA site visits.
Completions. The Council’s claimed completions data is not precise, not robust and neither does it promote transparency and democratic accountability. These figures are a fundamental component of calculating the 5YHLS because they purport to demonstrate past delivery against the requirement trajectory.