Birthday Sample Clauses

Birthday. A nurse’s birthday shall be granted off, if it is identified 29 as their birthday and requested as outlined in Section 10.4.2. If this request 30 cannot be accommodated by the Employer, all hours worked on the nurse’s 31 birthday shall be paid at one and one-half times (1½ X) the nurse’s base rate of Page 31 of 60 Date Accepted / / Accepted by XXX Accepted by Employer 1 pay.
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Birthday. The anniversary of the date of birth of the Participant or, if such date is not a Valuation Date, the Valuation Date immediately preceding such date.
Birthday. Each employee shall receive eight hours credit for his/her birthday off with pay to be taken during his/her birth month. (Implementation date of January 1, 2008.)
Birthday. An anniversary of the Executive's birth regardless of whether the Executive survives to such anniversary.
Birthday. The end of day each year on the anniversary of the date of birth of the younger of the Participant and any Joint Participant.
Birthday. Each member shall have their birthday off with pay. Birthdays shall be used within the calendar year, and may be used as a floating day, with prior notice given to the Fire Chief or Crew Supervisor. Birthdays may be split into two (2) shifts and taken in twelve
Birthday. In addition to the designated holidays listed in 8.1.1, an employee who has completed one continuous year of full-time employment will receive the employee’s birthday as a “designated holiday”. The employee must receive prior approval from the Superintendent of Public Works or the Clerk/Treasurer, as the case may be, to take the day off. The request must be submitted, in writing, at least one week in advance. The birthday holiday must be taken in whole-day increments within the calendar week that it occurs, unless work requirements prevent the employee from taking the time off. In such circumstance, the employee must take the time off within thirty workdays of the employee’s birthday.
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Birthday. Each employee covered by this Agreement shall receive one (1) paid day off for his birthday annually, approved by his department head, as per Sections 13.3 and 13.4, according to the current practice of the parties. If an employee elects to take his birthday off, he will use up to twenty-four (24) hours of compensatory time.
Birthday. Members of the bargaining unit will receive the work day closest to their birthday as a paid holiday.
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