Annual Payment Sample Clauses

Annual Payment. During each calendar year, an employee may choose to receive payment for up to twenty (20) hours of accrued vacation leave or compensatory time. Request for payment may be made in November or December of each year. Such payment shall be made during the month of November or December and will be granted only if the employee has taken at least forty (40) hours of vacation/compensatory time during the calendar year. Such payment shall be at the base hourly rate only, no add-ons.
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Annual Payment. Subscriber may elect to prepay for their Oracle Cloud Services on an annual basis (the “Prepay Option”). If Subscriber elects the Prepay Option, the Initial Term of the Subscriber’s Order shall be one year from the date of the most recently paid invoice (the “Prepay Term”). Any prepayment applies to Oracle Cloud Services reflected on the Order in effect at the time of prepayment; Additional Oracle Cloud Services may be purchased during the Prepay Term, and additional fees may apply. Additional services purchased during the Prepay Term will be prorated for the remainder of the Prepay Term, and coterminate at the end of such Prepay Term.
Annual Payment. (a) Subject to clause 9.3(b) and clauses 9.7 and 9.11, on each Payment Date, the Performing Subsidiary must pay to the Trustee an amount equal to the lesser of:
Annual Payment. One payment for the balance of tuition (after 10% deposit) is paid in full by August 1, 2020. A 5% discount is available for selecting this option.
Annual Payment. The District shall make an annual payment of up to the amount indicated in the accompanying table for the year of retirement annually to the retiree’s Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) post-retirement health care savings account for those who meet the eligibility requirements in 9.10.2. This payment is to reimburse retirees for medically-related expenses, including health insurance premiums through payments from their MSRS account.
Annual Payment. If the Customer fails to make timely payment of any Annual Payment:
Annual Payment. 9.1 The Annual Payment shall replace all compensation for rents, rights of way, or otherwise, set forth in the § 323 Grants (as to the § 323 Grant Land), the 1960 Lease and the 1966 Lease, as applicable. All sections of the aforementioned documents imposing a payment obligation on APS and the Lessees are hereby deleted.
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Annual Payment. The employee who has been employed the whole year in the previous financial year receives an annual payment, unless in the opinion of the employer the operating results do not allow this. The annual payment is 1/12 of the fixed annual salary. In the event of early commencement of employment, early retirement, part-time employees or when part of the financial year has been worked, this payment is pro rata. If the employee is entitled to any staff, profit-sharing or other bonus the annual payment is set off against this. This annual payment is deemed to be part of it.
Annual Payment. You will be billed in advance for twelve months of subscription fees. Such payment shall be due within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date, regardless of whether or not a Ramp Period applies. This payment covers the Term of the Agreement, beginning upon the end of the Ramp Period. During the Ramp Period, you will be billed for actual usage at the pro-rated Annual Subscription rates set forth in the Order Form. After the Ramp Period, if actual usage in a month exceeds Annual Subscription amount set forth in the Order Form (prorated for a one month period), you will be charged for such excess usage at the Subscription Overage fee listed in the Order Form. All invoices are due within thirty (30) days of the date of such invoice. Any prepaid amount is non-refundable.
Annual Payment. (A) As consideration for Seller’s sale of the Power attributable to the Chugach Portion, Purchaser shall pay Seller for such Power at the annual rate set forth in Exhibit D (the “Annual Payments”). Purchaser and Seller acknowledge and agree that the Annual Payments are structured to include all required compensation for any and all Power (including, for the avoidance of doubt, any and all Capacity, Ancillary Services, and Renewable Attributes) required to be delivered to Purchaser under this PPA during the Term and that Purchaser is not required to make any additional payments to Seller therefor.
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