Wage Agreement definition

Wage Agreement means the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 1988, as amended from time to time and any successor agreement.
Wage Agreement means the National Bituminous Coal Agreement of 1978, as amended from time to time and any successor agreement....
Wage Agreement means the [Respondent’s Name] and United Mine Workers of America Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 1998, as amended from time to time and any successor agreement.

Examples of Wage Agreement in a sentence

  • Disabled Employees In addition to disabled Pensioners who are receiving pension benefits and are therefore entitled to receive health benefits under paragraph B of this Article II, health benefits under Article III shall also be provided to any Employee who: (3) Is receiving or would, upon proper application, be eligible to receive Sickness and Accident Benefits pursuant to the Wage Agreement.

  • Defense counsel objected, and the following exchange took place: [Defense counsel]: I know that the State’s just trying to save time, but I don’t think it’s proper for him to base an opinion -- you know, give his opinion to the jury about what this is about or, you know, what it was in regards to.

  • Except as provided in paragraph (2) above, any Employee of the Employer who is not actively at work* for the Employer on the effective date of the Wage Agreement will not be eligible for coverage under the Plan until he returns to active employment with the Employer.

  • In the opinion of the parties to the Agreement, the Agreement creates room for interest rate decreases, which increases the spending power of households and makes it easier for companies to meet the wage increases that the Collective Wage Agreement calls for.

  • Thus, the payroll system does not involve a final definition of the criteria or significance of individual aspects, rather it is a framework that employees and managers can jointly develop and adapt to the needs of each workplace in accordance with the authorisations contained in the Collective Wage Agreement.

  • Any Employee of the Employer who as of January 31, 1988, was eligible for benefits under the prior Plan who is not scheduled to work within two weeks after the effective date of the Wage Agreement because of lack of work, such an Employee will, for purposes of this Plan, be considered eligible for coverage under this Plan as of the effective date of the Wage Agreement but as an Employee on layoff as of such date.

  • The term “NBCWA” shall mean the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 2007, as may be amended, supplemented or replaced from time to time (subject to the proviso of the definition of “NBCWA Individual Employer Plan Liabilities”).

  • After the acceptance of the Work Order and the Wage Agreement Terms if applicable, the contractor shall have no claim further to any extra payment of whatsoever for the compliance of the terms stipulated herein.

  • The agreement reached is as follows: • 2015/16 Financial Year – 7 per cent• 2016/17 Financial Year – average CPI (Feb 2015 – Jan 2016) + 1 per cent• 2017/18 Financial Year – average CPI (Feb 2016 – Jan 2017) + 1 per cent Municipalities are advised to use this Salary and Wage Agreement preparing their 2016/17 MTREF budgets.

  • Developers who sign a Standard Wage Agreement are allowed a 25% reduction of the fee that is issued as a rebate upon the Certificate of Occupancy.

More Definitions of Wage Agreement

Wage Agreement means the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 1981 [1984] [1988], as amended front time to time and any successor agreement.
Wage Agreement means the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement (“NBCWA”) of 2016.
Wage Agreement means the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 2011, as amended.
Wage Agreement means the New Warwick Mining Partners Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 1990, as amended from time to time and any successor agreement.

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  • mortgage agreement ’ means the note or debt instrument and the mortgage instrument, deed of trust instrument, trust deed, or instru- ment or instruments creating the mortgage, including any instrument incorporated by ref- erence therein (including any applicable regu- latory agreement), and any instrument or agreement amending or modifying any of the foregoing;

  • Labor peace agreement means an agreement between a licensee and any bona fide labor organization that, at a minimum, protects the state’s proprietary interests by prohibiting labor organizations and members from engaging in picketing, work stoppages, boycotts, and any other economic interference with the applicant’s business. This agreement means that the applicant has agreed not to disrupt efforts by the bona fide labor organization to communicate with, and attempt to organize and represent, the applicant’s employees. The agreement shall provide a bona fide labor organization access at reasonable times to areas in which the applicant’s employees work, for the purpose of meeting with employees to discuss their right to representation, employment rights under state law, and terms and conditions of employment. This type of agreement shall not mandate a particular method of election or certification of the bona fide labor organization.

  • Main Agreement means the part of this Agreement that commences on the first page and ends with but includes Schedule A, excluding Section 3(d) (which incorporates this Schedule C into the Agreement).

  • Transportation Agreement means an agreement pursuant to the Tariff under which Transporter provides transportation or other contract services to a Shipper.

  • Retail charge agreement means that term as defined in section 2 of the retail installment sales act, MCL 445.852.

  • Water Agreement means an agreement entered into between the Water Corporation (established pursuant to section 4 of the Water Corporation Act 1995) and BHP Iron Ore Pty. Ltd. ACN 008 700 981 as agent for BHP Direct Reduced Iron Pty. Ltd. and the Mount Xxxxxx and Mount Goldsworthy Mining Associates Joint Venturers in a form approved by the Minister in relation to the supply of water for, inter alia, the Joint Venturers’ water requirements for the purposes of this Agreement at Port Hedland;

  • Brokerage agreement means a written or oral agreement

  • Formation Agreement has the meaning attributed to it in Recital A;

  • Side Agreement means the Side Agreement for Transfer Agency Services between the Customer and Transfer Agent dated as of January 1, 2015.

  • Secondment Agreement means that certain Services and Secondment Agreement, dated as of the Closing Date, between Anadarko and the General Partner, as such may be amended, supplemented and restated from time to time.

  • Offtake Agreement means the offtake agreement dated May 13, 2008 with Glencore International AG pursuant to which the Company agreed to sell in U.S. dollars to Glencore, and Glencore agreed to acquire, 100% of the V2O5 production at the Maracás Menchen Mine. The Offtake Agreement was terminated effective April 30, 2020. See "Description of the Business - Marketing and Distribution".

  • SCM Agreement means the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures which is in Annex 1A to the WTO Agreement;

  • PILOT Agreement means the Agreement for Payments in Lieu of Ad Valorem Taxes entered into by and among the Board, the Company, the City and the County.

  • Use Agreement means a written agreement between a primary licensee and a Type S applicant or licensee that specifies the designated area of the Type S licensee, the days and hours in which the Type S licensee is assigned to use the common-use area, any allocation of responsibility for compliance pursuant to Section 40196, and an acknowledgement that the Type S licensee has sole and exclusive use of the common- use area during the Type S licensee’s assigned time period.

  • Framework Agreement means the framework agreement between the Authority and the Supplier referred to in the Order Form;

  • Master Separation Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals.

  • Master Agreement Assignment means the assignment of the Master Agreement executed or to be executed by the Borrower, in such form as the Lender may approve or require;

  • Co-Promotion Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 4.9.3.

  • Tax Protection Agreement means any customary arms’-length agreement to which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries is a party and which was entered into in connection with a contribution of assets to the Company in exchange for Capital Stock and pursuant to which any liability to holders of Capital Stock may arise relating to taxes because (a) in connection with the deferral of income taxes of a holder of Capital Stock, the Company or Holdings has agreed to (i) maintain a minimum level of debt or continue a particular debt, (ii) retain or not dispose of assets for a period of time or (iii) use or refrain from using a particular method of taking into account book–tax disparities under Section 704(c) of the Code; or (b) holders of Capital Stock have guaranteed or otherwise assumed liability for debt of the Company.

  • Cross License Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 1.3(b).

  • Factoring Agreement means an agreement by and between a Borrower or a Subsidiary of a Borrower and a Factoring Company pursuant to which a Borrower or such Subsidiary shall, pursuant to customary terms for the size and type of transaction involved, sell, transfer and assign its rights, title and interests in certain accounts receivable, specifically identified therein, to a Factoring Company.

  • Sharing Agreement means a local marketing, joint sales, shared services or similar Contract.

  • Reciprocal agreement means an agreement between this state and a higher education compact or 1 or more other states that allows participating colleges to provide distance education to residents of this state and other member states under this act.

  • Arrangement Agreement means the arrangement agreement made as of December 12, 2012 among the Parent, the Purchaser and the Company (including the Schedules thereto) as it may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time in accordance with its terms.

  • Hotel Management Agreement means any hotel management agreement relating to the management and operation of the Real Property together with all supplements, amendments and modifications thereto.