Terms of Service definition

Terms of Service means those Support Services and Professional Services terms posted at xxxx://xxx.XXXXXXX.xxx/terms-of-service/, which are incorporated herein. Client acknowledges and agrees it has read, understands and agrees to be bound by the Terms of Service.
Terms of Service means the terms and conditions pursuant to which the Licensee shall make all services available to a User;
Terms of Service or “TOS” means the core terms and conditions under which we makes Circuit available. It is part of the Agreement.

Examples of Terms of Service in a sentence

  • In the event there is conflict between the terms of the DPA and the Service Agreement, Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, or with any other bid/RFP, license agreement, or writing, the terms of this DPA shall apply and take precedence.

  • In the event of a conflict, definitions used in this DPA shall prevail over terms used in any other writing, including, but not limited to the Service Agreement, Terms of Service, Privacy Policies etc.

  • Houtchens and Ramirez agreed to different versions of Fitbit’s Terms of Service, see id.

  • Likewise, Plaintiffs’ assertion that they may not have read25 the Terms of Service does not undermine their assent to the terms.

  • Regardless of whether XXxxx.xx approved your customer supplied equipment, if your self-selected equipment is incompatible with the Service or interferes with the effectiveness and delivery of the Service, you shall not hold XXxxx.xx responsible for such issues and will not be given a reduction of fees or the right to terminate Service prior to the end of your Term, in accordance with these Terms of Service.

More Definitions of Terms of Service

Terms of Service means initially the terms accepted by a User prior to using the App or Service and then such terms as updated from time to time as available on xxx.xx/xxxxxxx;
Terms of Service means the legal agreement between the Controller as the user and the Processor, that governs the Controller's limited, non-exclusive and terminable right to the use of the Hotjar Site and Services as defined in the Terms of Service.
Terms of Service means the agreement between Cognito Forms and its Customer as set forth at xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/terms.
Terms of Service means, collectively, the Guardian Terms of Service and Guardian Privacy Policy. The Terms of Service may be updated from time to time at the discretion of Guardian and/or any Integrated Service providers as defined in the Guardian Terms of Service, respectively.
Terms of Service means the provisions set out in Articles 1 through 10 in this MSA. Allstream may amend this MSA, without notice, by posting a revised MSA on xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx. Customer’s continued access to and use of the Services after the amendment has been posted constitutes Customer’s acceptance of the revisions of this MSA and Customer expressly agrees that (a) Customer will be deemed to have accepted the revisions, with no additional written agreement or express acknowledgement required; and (b) Customer will continue to be responsible for all MRC and Charges (as defined in Articles 2 and 3).