Joint Marketing Sample Clauses

Joint Marketing. Tioga and OEM will cooperate on joint marketing, --------------- including events, seminars, customer mailings, customer success stories and case studies, supporting quotes, and other activities as mutually agreed upon.
Joint Marketing. A formal agreement between nonaffiliates financial companies that together market financial products or services to you.  We may partner with nonaffiliates financial companies to jointly market financial products or services to you.
Joint Marketing. The Parties will cooperate to identify and carry out joint marketing activities in support of cable, satellite, DSL, Broadcast and other broadband opportunities as they relate to the Parties' respective technologies. Such activities may include joint sales calls to prospective customers, trade show support and seminar support and participation. The Parties will mutually agree on any such joint activities to be undertaken, including any personnel to be involved as well as amounts to be spent in support of such activities. The Parties will cooperate in good faith to identify and pursue additional opportunities for promotion of the Windows Media Technologies in conjunction with the sale of SeaChange System Software to broadband network operators (i.e., cable, satellite and telephone) through the Term.
Joint Marketing. In Alipay/BBMSL’s discretion, Alipay/BBMSL and Merchant will discuss in good faith joint marketing programs to promote the Alipay Services. Any formal marketing programs may be implemented as the Parties may agree, but in any event no sooner than one month after the Merchant’s Platform has been successfully configured to accept the Alipay Services as a means of payment by its customers.
Joint Marketing. PeopleSoft and Service Provider will cooperate and jointly invest in the marketing of the Software only for use in conjunction with Outsourcing Services pursuant to the joint business plan adopted by the parties within sixty (60) days of the Effective Date, including but not limited to (a) prospecting, mailings, telemarketing, seminars, user group meetings and trade show events, (b) joint account strategy development, and (c) joint proposal development. Each Party shall allow the other to review all announcements, press releases, marketing materials and product brochures pertaining to the others products prior to their release to the public or the press, and shall incorporate all changes that the other may reasonably request to ensure correct usage of their trademarks and accuracy of content. A party's failure to respond to the submission of material for approval with any recommended changes within three (3) business days shall be an approval of the material submitted.