Joint Marketing Sample Clauses

Joint Marketing. Tioga and OEM will cooperate on joint marketing, --------------- including events, seminars, customer mailings, customer success stories and case studies, supporting quotes, and other activities as mutually agreed upon.
Joint Marketing. After receiving Merchant’s advance written approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld, SHIFT4 may list and announce Merchant as a user of SHIFT4’s service, but will make public announcements of Merchant’s use or describe Merchant’s use of service only for marketing purposes.
Joint Marketing. In Alipay/BBPOS’s discretion, Alipay/BBPOS and Merchant will discuss in good faith joint marketing programs to promote the Alipay Services. Any formal marketing programs may be implemented as the Parties may agree, but in any event no sooner than one month after the Merchant’s Platform has been successfully configured to accept the Alipay Services as a means of payment by its customers.