Equal treatment definition

Equal treatment means the absence of direct and indirect discrimination based on gender, in accordance with this and other laws.
Equal treatment means that persons, irrespective of race or other distinction, shall be treated in the same basic manner under the same or similar circumstances. This does not mean that all persons in the same or similar circumstances can or must be treated identically in all cases. Reasonable concessions and accommodations may be, and sometimes should be made, when dealing with individuals with physical or mental disabilities, injury, illness, infirmity, or similar conditions, or when information about them necessitates different treatment.
Equal treatment means Agency Workers are entitled to:

Examples of Equal treatment in a sentence

  • Section: 6 -Equal treatment of all Bidders/Contractor/Subcontractors 1.

  • Section 6 : Equal treatment of all Bidders/Contractors/Sub- contractors.

  • Equal treatment of parties The parties shall be treated with equality and each party shall be given a full opportunity of presenting his case.

  • Section 6 : Equal treatment of all Bidders/Contractors/Subcontractors.

  • Section 6- Equal treatment of all Bidders/Contractors/Sub-Contractors (1) The Bidder(s)/Contractor(s) undertake(s) to demand from all subcontractors a commitment in conformity with this Integrity Pact, and to submit it to the Principal before contract signing.(2) The Principal, will enter into agreements with identical conditions as this one with all Bidders, Contractors and Sub-contractors.

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Equal treatment. The School is a day and boarding School for boys and girls aged from 10 - 18 years. The School is non-religious and welcomes staff and children from many different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. At present, our physical facilities for Students and staff with disabilities are limited but we will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the School's culture, policies and procedures are such that children who have disabilities are welcomed and we will comply with our legal and moral responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 in order to accommodate the needs of applicants, Students and members of staff who have disabilities for which, after reasonable adjustments, we can cater adequately. School Director’s Authority: The Parents authorise the School Director to take and/or authorise in good faith all decisions which the Director considers on proper grounds will safeguard and promote the Child’s welfare.
Equal treatment. Has the administration dealt with its rules, policies, directives, etc., equitably and without discrimination?
Equal treatment means employers must allow Agency Workers:
Equal treatment means implementation of the human rights, which are laid down in international documents on human and citizens’ rights and in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, regardless of the age, sexual orientation, disability, racial or ethnic origin, religion, beliefs and other grounds established in the international agreements or laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
Equal treatment. The UW warrants that fees charged to Participant are based on P/NWGP's current fee schedule or market price for service sold to non-research partner Participants and net fees charged do not exceed those charged by UW to other non-research partner Participants purchasing the same service in like or comparable scope. If not specified elsewhere in this agreement, the UW agrees to provide the Participant with the same level of technical and troubleshooting assistance provided to other P/NWGP participants. Conditions of Use (“COU”): Participant will not use the Service in such a manner that 1) jeopardizes the proper technical operation of the P/NWGP network or infrastructure; 2) violates the Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) or COU of an upstream P/NWGP network provider as reported by that provider; 3) jeopardizes the resources of other P/NWGP Participants as reported by those Participants; or 4) jeopardizes the P/NWGP’s or UW’s reputation or the ability of either entity to conduct business in the manner to which it is accustomed. Any instance of the preceding shall be defined as a Prohibited Activity. In the event of a Prohibited Activity, UW will make reasonable best efforts to contact Participant’s designated representatives. In addition, the UW may take any appropriate corrective action including the suspension of the offending or threatening connection that it deems warranted. P/NWGP Participants acknowledge the UW as the sole arbiter with respect to the foregoing.
Equal treatment means the absence of any direct and indirect discrimination based on gender, in accordance with the LEO or other law.
Equal treatment means the absence of any direct and indirect discrimination based on gender,