Categories definition

Categories in this Schedule is to a Category or Categories of the Table).
Categories in this Schedule is to a Category or Categories of the Table and reference to "Subcategory" or "Subcategories" in this Schedule is to a Subcategory or Subcategories of a Category.)
Categories means the various types of product groups (e.g. athletic footwear, camping, in line skates, etc.) offered for sale by the Retailer in its Land Based stores.

Examples of Categories in a sentence

  • Categories 2 to 9 are ranked according to the skill requirements of jobs.

  • Legislative Categories in the PPI In the PPI, countries are categorized into five levels of apparent comprehensiveness of their control lists as summarized below.

  • Special conditions may be removable, meaning the condition(s) must be retired by a GAN before closeout, or non‐removable, such as the OJP enterprise‐wide conditions.Special Condition Categories: Special conditions are either Standard or Custom.

  • Upgrade the conservation status and risk of extinction of Nile crocodiles in the Olifants River to the Endangered category since it currently satisfies the following criteria EN A2abce; C2a(i) as published in the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria Version 3.1 (IUCN, 2001).REFERENCESALCALA, A.C. and DY-LIACCO, M.T.S. 1990.

  • The Juvenile Court agrees to refer to the Standard Activity Purpose Categories and Primary Intervention instructions included with this Agreement when developing programs.

More Definitions of Categories

Categories means more than one (1) Category collectively;
Categories means the commercial applicator certification categories established in 355 IAC 4-1-3.
Categories means the category of awards to be given described in detail in Clause 2 below.
Categories means one of the generic rating categories of a Nationally Recognized Rating Agency without regard to any refinement or gradation of such rating by a numerical modifier or otherwise.
Categories or “category” means the items of personal
Categories means, collectively, Category (1) through (11) as set forth in the table in paragraph 1 of Schedule 1 to this Agreement and the term "Category" means any one of them;
Categories means the rating category or categories respectively of each Rating Agency.