Rating definition

Rating means, for any Person, its senior unsecured debt rating (or equivalent thereof, such as, but not limited to, a corporate credit rating, issuer rating/insurance financial strength rating (for an insurance company), general obligation rating (for a governmental entity), or revenue bond rating (for an educational institution)) from either of S&P or Moody’s.
Rating means a member of the ship’s crew other than the master or an officer;

Examples of Rating in a sentence

  • Insurance shall be written by a carrier with an A-; VII or better rating in accordance with current A.M. Best Key Rating Guide.

  • All policies held by Vendor to adhere to this term shall be written by a carrier with a financial size category of VII and at least a rating of “A‐” by A.M. Best Key Rating Guide.

  • If the insurance carrier does not have an A.M. Best Rating of A-/VIII, the CEO/Office of Risk Management retains the right to approve or reject a carrier after a review of the company's performance and financial ratings.

  • The policy or policies of insurance must be issued by an insurer with a minimum rating of A- (Secure A.M. Best's Rating) and VIII (Financial Size Category as determined by the most current edition of the Best's Key Rating Guide/Property-Casualty/United States or xxxxxx.xxx).

  • Insurance carriers providing coverage required herein must be licensed to conduct business in the State of Florida and must possess a current A.M. Best’s Financial Strength Rating of A- Class VIII or better.

More Definitions of Rating

Rating the respective rating of each of the Rating Agencies applicable to the long-term senior unsecured non-credit enhanced debt of the Borrower, as announced by the Rating Agencies from time to time.
Rating means an authorisation entered on or associated with a license or certificate and forming part thereof, stating special conditions, privileges or limitations pertaining to such license or certificate;
Rating means a rating of the Notes;
Rating means, as to each Rating Agency and on any day, the rating maintained by such Rating Agency on such day for senior, unsecured, non-credit enhanced long-term debt of the Borrower.
Rating means any rating issued or maintained by either S&P or Moody’s in relation to your long-term, unsecured, senior, unsubordinated debt securities;
Rating means the Xxxxx’x Rating or the S&P Rating, as the case may be.
Rating means the debt rating provided by S&P or Moody’s with respect to the unsecured senior long-term non-credit enhanced debt of a Person.