BBB Sample Clauses

BBB. SCDHEC shall mean the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and its authorized representatives. CCC. Statement of Basis shall mean the report(s) describing the corrective measure(s)/remedial action(s) being con ducted pursuant to South Carolina Hazardous Waste Management Regulations, as amended.
BBB. Report of delinquent loans 120 days or older that are not active in foreclosure and or bankruptcy. Copies of breach letters will be provided as part of the Servicing File. CCC. Vendor invoices received by the Prior Servicer at least one Business Day prior to the related Servicing Transfer Date are paid by the Prior Servicer.
BBB. Evaluation and Treatment of chronic and/or acute pain as specified in our medical policies. CCC. Reconstructive surgery to correct congenital defects and/or effects of Illness or Injury, if:
BBB. “Parties” means CVS and the Settling States (each, a “Party”).
BBB. Cash Option" shall have the definition set forth in the Article entitled Option to Acquire IRU's and Consideration.
BBB. Taxes" means all real property and personal property taxes, production taxes, assessments, permit fees, water, gas, sewer, electricity and other utility rates and charges, charges for any easement, license or agreement maintained for the benefit of the Mortgaged Property, and all other taxes, charges and assessments and any interest, costs or penalties with respect thereto, of any kind and nature whatsoever which at any time prior to or after the execution hereof may be charged, assessed, levied or imposed upon the Mortgaged Property or the Rents and Revenues or the ownership, use, occupancy or enjoyment thereof.
BBB. Special Master” shall refer to the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx X. Andersen (Xxx.), or a successor appointed by the Court. The Special Master shall also be known as the “Chair of the Medical Science Committee.”
BBB. None of the above ratings have been lowered since the respective dates of such letters.
BBB. 6.1 A General Participant shall, in accordance with the elections it has communicated to the Exchange in respect of the Contracts it wishes to trade and/or clear as required under Rules BBB.4.1 or BBB.4.6, be permitted to:
BBB. Statewide baseline” means the total number of full-time employees of the Company and any Related Member employed by such entities at the time of application for incentives under this Act, which shall be [54] employees.