Site / Work place definition

Site / Work place means the lands and other spaces above & below the ground level on which the works are to be carried out, any other lands or places provided by the Owner for the purpose of the Contract.

Examples of Site / Work place in a sentence

  • This procedure is to be carried out by the Site / Work place Supervisor of the site/work place where the new employee will be required to work.

Related to Site / Work place

  • parking place means any area of land specified by name in Column 1 of Schedule 1 to this Order provided by the Council under the Act of 1984 for use as a parking place;

  • Work area means a room or defined space in a workplace where hazardous chemicals are produced or used, and where employees are present.

  • Project Area means the area identified and referred to as the Project Site in the Redevelopment Contract.

  • Project Plan means the document to be developed by the Contractor and approved by Webel Technology Ltd., based on the requirements of the Contract and the Preliminary Project Plan included in the Contractor’s bid. For the sake of clarity, the Agreed and Finalized Project Plan” refers to the version of the Project Plan submitted by the contractor after receiving the letter of Award and the same approved by Webel Technology Ltd. The project plan may be changed/ modified during the course of the project. Should the Project Plan conflict with the provisions of the Contract in any way, the relevant provisions of the Contract, including any amendments, shall prevail.

  • Project means specific activities of the Grantee that are supported by funds provided under this Contract.

  • Site Engineer means an Engineer appointed by the SBIIMS at site as their representative for day-to-day supervision of work and to give instructions to the contractors.

  • Site Visit means a visit to the Site; and