demolition work definition

demolition work means a method to dismantle, wreck, break, pull down or knock down of a structure or part thereof by way of manual labour, machinery, or the use of explosives;
demolition work means the work incidental to or connected with the total or partial dismantling or razing of a building or a structure other than a building and includes the removing or dismantling of machines or other equipment;
demolition work means the partial or complete destruction

Examples of demolition work in a sentence

  • Demolition work was completed on the first floor on 18 April 1998.

  • Demolition work in Building 600 commenced on the third floor on 18 November 1997 and flowed down through the second and first floors.

  • Demolition work only, where the cost of the work exceeds $5,000 as determined by the Building Official; 2.

More Definitions of demolition work

demolition work means the partial or complete destruction of a structure, by any means, served by or adjacent to a line or lines.
demolition work means the demolition of the whole or a part of a building or structure. (« travaux de démolition »)
demolition work is defined in Recital E of this Agreement.
demolition work means demolition work that requires a permit that allows demolition.
demolition work means the use of powered equipment or
demolition work has the meaning specified in Section 6.06.
demolition work means the permitting, insuring, management, administration, and performance of all work and services for the abatement, demolition, removal and disposal of the Existing Improvements and the requisite site work done in preparation of the Property for commencement of the Construction Work.