Construction Agreement definition

Construction Agreement means the proposed building agreement between the Company and a proposed builder substantially in the form of the draft agreement a copy of which has been signed on behalf of the Authority and the Company for the purposes of identification;
Construction Agreement means an agreement between the holder of a transmission licence in England and Wales and a CUSC user in respect of construction works required on that transmission system and the associated construction works of the CUSC user in relation to a connection to the transmission system or in relation to a generating station connected to a distribution system in England and Wales, whether for the initial connection or a modification of the connection.

Examples of Construction Agreement in a sentence

  • RESOLUTION 2022-25 FDOT Construction Agreement – Park Avenue / Market Plaza Streetscape [Begin Agenda Memo] Synopsis: The City Commission will consider approving Resolution 2022-25, authorizing the CityManager to execute a Construction Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)regarding improvements contemplated as part of the Park Avenue / Market Plaza Streetscape project.

  • It is understood and agreed that completion of the entire project within the time stated in the Instructions to Bidders and the Construction Agreement is a matter of vital necessity to the Owner, that the Owner will sustain damages if the entire project is not completed within that time, and that it would not be possible to accurately determine the amount of such damages.

  • If Borrower elects to commence construction of the Expansion, then Borrower shall Complete construction of the Expansion on or before the Completion Date, subject to force majeure as provided in Section 4.3. Borrower shall deliver to Administrative Agent, without delay after execution of the final Construction Agreement, the Construction Agreement and the final budget for construction of the Expansion, each as approved by Administrative Agent pursuant to the terms herein.

  • The foregoing Construction Agreement was acknowledged before me this day of , 20 , by Tony DeFalco as President of DeFalco Construction Company, a Colorado corporation.

  • OTHER OPTIONS Decline to enter into the Construction Agreement and rework the proposed ParkAvenue / Market Plaza Streetscape design.

More Definitions of Construction Agreement

Construction Agreement means one of any agreements between the City and various parties, if any, providing for the acquisition, construction and installation of various portions of the Improvements.
Construction Agreement. (or “Agreement”) means the Construction Agreement between HTFC and Contractor that precedes these General Conditions.
Construction Agreement means the Construction and Completion Assurance Agreement among the Authority, the State and the Educational Institution relating to the construction of the Facility.
Construction Agreement means the agreement referred to in clause 6.4(a).] [Definition only to be included if clause 6.4 is included] Corporations Act means the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Design means the design of the Connecting Infrastructure. Dispute has the meaning given in clause 17.1.
Construction Agreement means the Construction Agreement dated as of the Effective Date between BNPPLC and NAI, as such Construction Agreement may be extended, supplemented, amended, restated or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with its terms.