Service Switching Point (SSP definition

Service Switching Point (SSP means the telephone Central Office Switch equipped with a Signaling System 7 (SS7) interface.
Service Switching Point (SSP means or refers to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Central Office or Tandem Switch that is equipped with a Signaling System 7 (SS7) interface and is capable of routing and connecting calls under the direction of a SCP in the CCS network.
Service Switching Point (SSP means the software capability within a Switching Point that provides the SP with SS7 message preparation/interpretation capability plus SS7 transmission/reception access ability.

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  • This authorization remains in effect until a revocation of same has been filed with the Board.

  • II-6 1.71 Service Switching Point (SSP) ......................................

  • Information within the Service Switching Point (SSP) which recognizes that AIN service logic is required for proper handling of a call and initiates that logic.

  • The query is considered completed when the appropriate call routing information is returned to the Service Switching Point (SSP) that launched the query and the results are transmitted to the next company in the call path.

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  • When a customer dials a toll-free number, she is essentially telling the Service Switching Point (SSP) associated with the end office or tandem receiving the call that special processing is in order.

  • The manner in which 800 database access service is provided is dependent upon the availability of SS7 service at the end office from which the service is provided as outlined following: Service Switching Point (SSP) capability for querying centraized databases, all such service will be provisioned from that end office.

  • Once the SCP has determined the appropriate routing information, instructions are then sent back to the Service Switching Point (SSP) to complete the call.

  • Normally, Direct Trunked Transport of originating 800 series calls from an end office is available only from Service Switching Point (SSP) equipped end offices.

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