Unplanned Outage definition

Unplanned Outage refers to the unavailable status of the units of the Power Plant other than Planned Outage. Based on the urgency of the needs of outage, the Unplanned Outage can be classified into five categories: (1) immediate outage; (2) the outage which could be delayed for a short while but the units must exit within six hours; (3) the outage which could be postponed over six hours but the units must exit within seventy-two hours; (4) the outage which could be deferred over seventy-two hours but the units must exit before the next Planned Outage; and (5) the prolonged outage which is beyond the period of the Planned Outage.
Unplanned Outage has the meaning set forth in Section 6.04(c).
Unplanned Outage means NERC Event Type U, as set forth on Exhibit H.

Examples of Unplanned Outage in a sentence

  • PGE and Seller shall promptly advise one another of events that may form the basis for a declaration of the existence or termination of Seller Excused Hours, as applicable, or an Unplanned Outage.

  • The foregoing estimates by Buyer shall not be construed to permit Seller to limit the availability of the Facility such that Buyer is restricted from Dispatching Contract Capacity unless the Facility Capacity is physically unavailable due to Force Majeure, Planned Outage or Unplanned Outage, as the case may be.

  • Seller shall confirm in writing any notice of an Unplanned Outage as soon as practicable following such Outage Notice.

  • PGE or Seller (as appropriate) shall promptly, or within five (5) minutes, provide the other Party notice (“Outage Notice”) of the declaration of the existence of Seller Excused Hours or an Unplanned Outage.

More Definitions of Unplanned Outage

Unplanned Outage means the condition, other than during any period of Planned Outage or Force Majeure Outage, in which due to unanticipated failure the RSS Unit is unavailable or available at an hourly average capacity level that is less than 400 megawatts.
Unplanned Outage means any period of time during which the Project is offline other than during a Planned Outage.
Unplanned Outage has the meaning as specified in § 5.7 (Unplanned Outages);
Unplanned Outage means a generation outage that is not a planned outage;
Unplanned Outage has the meaning given the term "unplanned outage" in the ISO Glossary;
Unplanned Outage means an unplanned reduction, interruption or suspension of all or a portion of Charging Energy receipts or Discharging Energy deliveries from the Project, in each case at the Point of Delivery and not associated with Seller Excused Hours.
Unplanned Outage means any interruption to the Services other than a Planned Outage.