Upgrades and Updates Sample Clauses

Upgrades and Updates. Customer shall be entitled to receive all upgrades and updates Philips makes generally commercially available during the term of the Agreement, subject to the same usage rights, limitations, and restrictions applicable to the originally provided version of InfoView. Custom Modules may need additional modifications to be compatible with the Software upgrades and are, subject to resource availability and may be subject to an additional cost. Updates including bug fixes, shall be prioritized by Philips based on the needs and impact such bugs are having on the total customer base using the InfoView Software.
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Upgrades and Updates. Upgrades and updates of the Software shall be provided to you by AVAST during the term of the license indicated in the Documentation or other transaction materials made available to you at the time you purchase the Software. You will not be entitled to receive any feature or content updates or upgrades of the Software unless you renew the Service Period or purchase a new subscription.
Upgrades and Updates. ServiceNow will provide upgrades and updates to the Subscription Service as described in Exhibit A.3 Upgrades and Updates attached to this Subscription Service Guide and incorporated herein by reference. The Upgrade and Update exhibit may be updated periodically.
Upgrades and Updates. We reserve the right, in our discretion, to make updates or upgrades to the Services that are necessary or useful to: (a) maintain or enhance: (i) the quality or delivery of the Services; (ii) the competitive strength of or market for the Services; or (iii) the Services’ cost efficiency or performance; or (b) to comply with applicable law. For no additional charge, You will receive access to any general upgrades and updates to the Services which We make generally available to our other customers. All updates and upgrades to the Services are subject to these terms and conditions.
Upgrades and Updates. ServiceNow shall determine, in its sole discretion: (a) whether and when to develop, release and apply any Update or Upgrade to Customer’s instances of the Subscription Service; and (b) whether a particular release is an Update, Upgrade or new service offering that is available separately for purchase.
Upgrades and Updates. Upgrades and updates of the Software shall be provided to you by AVAST as long as and to the extent in which AVAST in its exclusive discretion makes such upgrades and updates available to the users of the free version of the Software.
Upgrades and Updates. If the Software that you have licensed is an upgrade or an update, then the latest update or upgrade that is installed terminates the previously licensed copy of the Software to the extent it is being replaced. The update or upgrade do not constitute the granting of a second license to the Software in that you may not use the upgrade or updated Software in addition to the Software that it is replacing and whose license has terminated.
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Upgrades and Updates. Vendor, from time to time during the Subscription Term and without your separate permission or consent, may deploy updates of, or replacements for, any Solution, and as a result of the deployment you may not be able to use the applicable Solution or Device (or certain functions of the Device) until the update is fully installed or activated. Updates will be deemed a part of the Solution for all purposes under this Agreement. Updates may include both additions to, and removals of, any particular features or functionality offered by a Solution or may replace it entirely, and Vendor will determine the content, features and functionality of the updated Solution in its sole discretion. Vendor or your Device is not required to offer you the option to decline or delay updates, but in any event you may need to download and permit installation of all available updates to obtain maximum benefit from the Solution. Vendor may stop providing support for a Solution until you have accepted and installed all updates. Vendor in its sole discretion will determine when and if updates are appropriate and has no obligation to make any updates available to you. Vendor in its sole discretion may stop providing updates for any version of the Solution other than the most current version, or updates supporting use of the Solution in connection with any versions of operating systems, email programs, browser programs and other software with which the Solution is designed to operate.
Upgrades and Updates. Simplex and Termxx xxx in their discretion provide limited enhancements of their respective Licensed Technology to each other during the term of this Agreement, but no obligation to do so shall be created hereunder. The parties acknowledge and agree that Termxx xxx Simplex have entered into or are contemplating entering into a consulting arrangement whereby Termxx xxxld provide certain programming services to Simplex in connection with the Termxx Xxxensed Technology.
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