Scheduled Outage definition

Scheduled Outage means the final outage plan as approved by the RPC as per the provisions of the Grid Code;
Scheduled Outage means the period that the System is not available for use by the Communications Provider in order for BT to perform certain tasks including, but not limited to, routine maintenance, testing, changing configurations, software upgrades and updating facilities as detailed in sub clause 4.2. The System may be taken out of service for routine maintenance from 00:01 to 04:00 hours each Thursday; The following definitions apply to Scheduled Outages of the System : “EMP Major Change “ means major functional changes to the EMP platform;
Scheduled Outage has the meaning given to it in the Grid Code;

Examples of Scheduled Outage in a sentence

  • Because the Seller's Facility is a Must Run Facility, CEB shall use its best efforts to coordinate and to minimize any periods of interruption, reduction, refusal, or curtailment as provided for in this Article with the periods of previously Scheduled Outage at the Facility.

More Definitions of Scheduled Outage

Scheduled Outage shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.5.
Scheduled Outage means (1) those time periods from 12 AM Saturday to 6:00 AM Sunday each week and 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM daily, during which Computershare’s System maybe unavailable due to routine maintenance; and (2) any time period as to which Company has received prior notice. ≥99.5% <99.5% to ≥98% <98%
Scheduled Outage means any outage with respect to the Facility other than a Forced Outage.
Scheduled Outage shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.5. “Site” has the meaning set forth in the first recital.
Scheduled Outage. An outage is consideredscheduled” whenever the outage coordinator sends the final e-mail notification of approval (e-mail includes the outage date/time and pertinent details).