Attorney General definition

Attorney General means the Attorney General of the State.
Attorney General means the Washington state office of the
Attorney General means the chief legal officer of a state.

Examples of Attorney General in a sentence

  • For Vendor Data deemed confidential by you in this manner, TIPS will follow procedures of controlling statute(s) regarding any claim of confidentiality and shall not be liable for any release of information required by law, including Attorney General determination and opinion.

  • Article 3, Section 52 of the Texas Constitution states that "no debt shall be created by or on behalf of the State … " and the Texas Attorney General has opined that a contractually imposed obligation of indemnity creates a "debt" in the constitutional sense.

  • Vendor is solely responsible for submitting the memorandum brief and information to the Attorney General within the time period prescribed by the Public Information Act.

  • Notwithstanding any other information provided in this solicitation or Vendor designation of certain Vendor Data as confidential or proprietary, Vendor’s acceptance of this TIPS Vendor Agreement constitutes Vendor’s consent to the disclosure of Vendor’s Data, including any information deemed confidential or proprietary, to TIPS Members or as ordered by a Court or government agency, including without limitation the Texas Attorney General.

  • In the event that TIPS receives a written request for information pursuant to the Public Information Act that affects Vendor’s interest in any information or data furnished to TIPS by Vendor, and TIPS requests an opinion from the Attorney General, Vendor may, at its own option and expense, prepare comments and submit information directly to the Attorney General stating why the requested information is exempt from disclosure pursuant to the requirements of the Public Information Act.

More Definitions of Attorney General

Attorney General means the department of attorney general.
Attorney General means the Attorney General of the United States.
Attorney General means the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey or the Attorney General's representative or designee.
Attorney General s Guidelines” means Guidelines for the Security and Non- Diversion of marijuana Grown for Medical Use issued by the Attorney General in August 2008.
Attorney General. ’ means the attorney general, employees of the attorney general or authorized representatives of the attorney general.
Attorney General means the attorney general of the state or the attorney general’s duly authorized assistants and employees.
Attorney General means the Attorney General of this State or a