Announcements definition

Announcements has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 1.05.
Announcements has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 1.11.
Announcements means the First Announcement and the Second Announcement;

Examples of Announcements in a sentence

  • No successor administrator for the IBA was identified in such Announcements.

  • Announcements From City Councilmembers And City Staff May Be Made For Items To Include: Expression Of Thanks; Congratulations; Condolence; Recognition Of Public Officials, Employees Or Citizens; Information Regarding Holiday Schedules; Reminders Of Community Events Or Announcements Involving An Imminent Threat To The Public Health And Safety Of The Municipality That Has Arisen After The Posing Of The Agenda.

  • Announcements, catalogs, publications, and advertising must accurately reflect the program offered.

  • No successor administrator for IBA was identified in such Announcements.

  • There is no assurance that the dates set forth in the Announcements will not change or that IBA or the FCA will not take further action that could impact the availability, composition or characteristics of any London interbank offered rate.

More Definitions of Announcements

Announcements means the information made available by Monte Titoli on the basis of indications received, as preliminary announcements, from an Issuer or a Foreign CSD concerning corporate events that can be handled by the Service;
Announcements has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 1.4.
Announcements has the meaning specified in Section 1.06.
Announcements has the meaning specified therefor in Section 1.12 of this Agreement.
Announcements has the meaning given that term in Section 1.3.
Announcements means the announcements to be made by the Seller and the Purchaser on the date hereof in the Agreed Terms; SPA 2
Announcements means any announcement related to Regional programs and services to an event of interest to the general public, and shall not include a delegation. These are intended for the purpose of sharing information about a community or staff events, activities or functions and shall be sponsored by a Council member.