Implementation Services definition

Implementation Services has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.
Implementation Services means the supply, configuration and programming of Customer Equipment and/or Services and training where set out in an Order.
Implementation Services means any implementation of the Booking Service for the Customer, as detailed and agreed in an Order Form or Statement of Work.

Examples of Implementation Services in a sentence

  • See Attachment #4.6. Implementation Services CostsCompleted Services Costs Worksheets TablesA-D.

  • Contract Period:Start February 2022 Initial Estimate Amount: $281,000.00 Equipment (Server Room/Closets) Implementation Services: $ 35,000.00 Total: $316,000.00 Mr. Czarske moved to approve the Operations Contract for Equipment Purchase and Professional Services with Network Magic for the total of $316,000.00 and Ms. Solorio seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved by the Board, with no opposition.

  • The Commission further noted that the provision of services relating to IT and ITeS can be sub-segmented into the provision of Consulting, Implementation Services and ITO services in India.

  • The Bidder would be in total charge of the following:RFP Document for Supply, Installation, Implementation, Integration, Commissioning, Testing, Operationalisation and Comprehensive Maintenance of Enterprise Access Management System (EAMS) • Complete Systems Software required for the EAMS implementation• Implementation Services for EAMS• Warranty, Comprehensive AMC• Training & maintenance of all training content during the contract period.

  • Designation of Authority for Procurement Approval (Attachment 17-66)Ms. McManus advised the members that she was seeking a resolution authorizing the Finance Committee to approve 2 procurements before the next meeting, one for Public Safety Officer Uniforms and the other for Oracle Implementation Services.

More Definitions of Implementation Services

Implementation Services means the Services described in Exhibit C.
Implementation Services means the initial assistance to set-up and customise the signature configurations or any other assistance to access the Site for your use and initial implementation of your specified business rules to be applied in the validation of your Information including any subsequent changes requested by you from time to time;
Implementation Services means services provided under a separately signed Statement of Work for configuration of the Service for Customer’s use as elected herein.
Implementation Services means those services provided by CleanBrain or its designees, directly or indirectly, to Client and/or its Access Agents, initially to assist Client and its Access Agents to begin to Use the CleanTelligent Subscription Services and includes Phone/Email/Webinar/Chat Support and five (5) hours of Admin Assist Services at no additional cost to Client within the first thirty (30) days of the Effective Date of the Agreement. Any of the five (5) hours of the Admin Assist Services not used within such thirty (30) day period shall be cancelled and not available thereafter. Additional Admin Assist Services may be purchased by Client on a per hour basis, or unlimited hours by purchasing Priority Support Services.
Implementation Services means the implementation services, if any, set out in an Implementation Plan.
Implementation Services means professional services performed by PartnerTap for the implementation and configuration of the Service.
Implementation Services the services set out in the Contract.