Storage Capacity definition

Storage Capacity means any combination of space, injectability and deliverability.
Storage Capacity means the maximum amount of energy that is capable of being stored in a storage device, and shall include, without limitation, any other products that may be developed or evolve from time to time during the Term that relate to the capability of a storage resource to store energy.
Storage Capacity means the aggregate capacity of all aboveground storage tanks at a tank facility.

Examples of Storage Capacity in a sentence

  • Estimated solar CSP potential in the study region Source: Adapted by the author from Nigeria Climate assessment preliminary report [14]Heat Storage Capacity = 7.5 hours Estimated capacity = 50MW/Km2From Table 2, If 1% of the eligible land area in each State is used as CSP sites, 88,700 MW capacity of electricity is achievable in the region.

  • The Settling Parties agree that the Installed Energy Storage Capacity performance incentive mechanism targets are assumed to be cost-effective.

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  • Effluent in Storage, Current Storage Capacity & Land / Surface Disposal Update Volume of water moved from treatment to storage March 1-15, 2022 was 1.399 (MG).

More Definitions of Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity means storage capacity as defined in point 28 of Article 2 of Regulation (EC) No 715/2009;
Storage Capacity means (a) the maximum dependable operating capability of the Facility to discharge Energy that can be sustained for [two (2)][four (4)] consecutive hours and (b) any other products that may be developed or evolve from time to time during the Contract Term that the Facility is able to provide as the Facility is configured on the Commercial Operation Date and that relate to the maximum dependable operating capability of the Facility to discharge Energy.
Storage Capacity means the entire Storage Available Capacity of the Storage Facility. “Storage Capacity Demonstration Test” means a test of the Storage Facility to demonstrate the maximum Storage Available Capacity based on Energy output, as measured at the Electric Interconnection Point, conducted in accordance with Accepted Industry Practices and the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including Section 3.12 and the procedures set forth in Schedule 3.12.
Storage Capacity means the total capacity of an AST or a container, whether filled in whole or in part with oil, a mixture of oil, or mixtures of oil with nonhazardous substances, or empty. An AST that has been permanently closed in accordance with this chapter has no storage capacity.
Storage Capacity means Storage Injectability, Storage Space and Storage Deliverability, or any of them, as the context may require;
Storage Capacity means the maximum volume of water, sediment, or debris that can be impounded in the reser- voir with no discharge of water, including the situation where an uncontrolled outlet becomes plugged. The stor- age capacity is reached when the water level is at the crest of the emergency spillway, or at the top of permanently mounted emergency spillway gates in the closed position. Storage capacity excludes dead storage below the natural ground surface.
Storage Capacity means the measurement (expressed in cubic measure) equivalent to the total storage capacity up to the level at which water is ordinarily retained therein.