Contractor's Employees definition

Contractor's Employees means persons working for a company providing goods or services (including temporary employee services) to the Company whom the Company does not regard to be its common law employees, as evidenced by the Company’s failure to withhold taxes from their compensation, even if the persons really are the Company’s common law employees. Contractor’s Employees are not eligible to participate in this Plan.

Examples of Contractor's Employees in a sentence

  • Excepted Risks' are risks due to riots (otherwise than among Contractors' Employees) and civil commotion (in so far as both these are uninsurable), war (whether declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, damage from aircraft, acts of god such as earth quake, lightning and unprecedented floods and other causes over which the Contractor has no control and accepted as such by the Accepting authority.

  • Removal of Contractor's Employees: The contractor shall employ in & about the execution of the works only such persons as are careful, skilled, competent & experienced in their several trades & shall, on the direction of the Engineer-in-charge forthwith cease to employ in & about the execution of the works.

  • Contractor's Employees - The Contractor shall provide and employ on the Site in connection with the execution and maintenance of the Works with minimum 3 nos.

  • Contractors Employees shall possess all applicable licenses and have a good driving record.

  • The ending Contractor's Employees who worked at least 15 hours per week shall be employed in order of their seniority with the predecessor within job classification and shall be paid the Prevailing Rate of Wages to which they were entitled when employed by the ending Contractor.

  • Contractors Employees shall conduct themselves in a very professional manner at all times and shall avoid conflict with all those they come in contact with.

  • Superintendent to Supervise Contractor's Employees The Contractor shall keep on his/her work, during its progress, a competent superintendent and any necessary assistants, all of whom must be satisfactory to the City of Tacoma.

  • The Contractor shall give efficient supervision to the work, using his/her best skill and attention.B. Character of Contractor's Employees The Contractor shall employ only competent, skillful, faithful and orderly persons to do the work and, whenever the Engineer administering the Contract shall notify the Contractor in writing that any person on the work is, in his or her opinion.

  • Contractor agrees to immediately notify SCS of any claim or suit, made or filed, resulting from or related to Contractor or Contractor's Employees' performance of the Services provided pursuant to this Agreement.

  • I.e. encourage the developer, NETSO and Ofgem to agree on an option and stick to it.

More Definitions of Contractor's Employees

Contractor's Employees means the employees, servants, agents of sub- contractors of the Contractor;

Related to Contractor's Employees

  • Contractor's Personnel means the personnel to be provided by the Contractor to provide services as per the contract.

  • Company Employees has the meaning set forth in Section 5.5(a).

  • Continuing Employees has the meaning set forth in Section 6.10(a).

  • Contractors means the bidder whose bid has been accepted by the COE;

  • Employees Stock Option” means the option given to the directors, officers or employees of a company or of its holding company or subsidiary company or companies, if any, which gives such directors, officers or employees, the benefit or right to purchase, or to subscribe for, the shares of the company at a future date at a pre-determined price.