Care Plan definition

Care Plan means a licensee's written description of a resident's needs, preferences, and capabilities, including by whom, when, and how often care and services are to be provided.
Care Plan means a documented guide for providing nursing services and rehabilitation services to a patient that includes measurable objectives and the methods for meeting the objectives.
Care Plan means the document developed in consultation with the Enrollee, the Enrollee’s treating physician, health care or support professional, or other appropriate individuals, and where appropriate, the Enrollee’s family, caregiver, or representative that, taking into account the extent of and need for any family or other supports for the Enrollee, identifies the necessary health and Home and Community-Based services to be furnished to the Enrollee. The Care Plan for Elderly Waiver enrollees must meet the federal and state requirements related to person- centered planning (see 6.1.14(B)(5)).

Examples of Care Plan in a sentence

  • Employees may select to participate in the City’s management dental plan; however, the employee who participates in another plan shall pay the difference in premiums, by payroll deduction, between the AFSCME Care Plan for Dental Level II Plus and the selected plan.

  • If an employee’s spouse is not covered on the City’s health insurance plan, the spouse is still eligible to participate in the AFSCME Care Plan for Dental Level II Plus plan or the City’s management dental plan.

  • Each Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan contracted with the State Department of Health Care Services in the region Press release which was published by local news media and via email to the CoC’s email distribution list.

  • An Emergency Care Plan Needs to be completed and submitted to the NC Senior-All-Nighter Committee for all life-threatening allergies.

  • You must notify the employee benefits department within 31 days of the birth so that the Health Care Plan records can be adjusted to add the newborn child to your Family Coverage.

More Definitions of Care Plan

Care Plan means a written plan that —
Care Plan means the plan for the future care of a looked after child prepared in accordance with Part 2 of the 2010 Regulations;
Care Plan means the proposed method developed in writing by the interdisciplinary care team through which the hospice seeks to provide services which meet the patient's and family's medical, psychosocial and spiritual needs.
Care Plan means a comprehensive plan of care for a particular child created by the Director in accordance with the CFCSA and the applicable regulations (for clarity, the Care Plan is separate and distinct from the SHSS Service Plan, which is developed and maintained by the Service Provider in accordance with this Agreement);
Care Plan means the plan directed by a health care provider, and coordinated by a nurse coordinator and Care Coordination Team, with engagement by the Qualifying Individual. The Care Plan is created in accordance with the PCMH goals and objectives. Patient-Centered Medical Home Program (“PCMH”) means medical and associated services directed by the PCMH team of medical professionals to:
Care Plan means the licensee's written description of a resident's needs, preferences, and capabilities, including by whom, when, and how often care and services shall be provided.
Care Plan means a written guide developed by the licensee, in consultation with the resident, guardian, agent, or personal representative, if any, as a result of the assessment process for the provision of care and services.