Medical assistance program definition

Medical assistance program means the medical assistance provided pursuant to Chapter 319v of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) and authorized by Title XIX of the Social Security Act. The program is also referred to as Medicaid.
Medical assistance program. (hereinafter “MAP”) means the joint Federal and State program, administered by the State and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (and its successors or assigns), which provides medical assistance to low income persons pursuant to Title 42 of the United States Code, Chapter 7 of the Social Security Act, Subchapter XIX Grants to States for Medical Assistance Programs, Section 1396 et seq, as amended from time to time, or any successor program(s) thereto regardless of the name(s) thereof.
Medical assistance program means IA Health Link, Medicaid Fee-for-Service, or HAWK-I, as administered by the Iowa Medicaid enterprise of the Iowa department of human services.

Examples of Medical assistance program in a sentence

  • Medical assistance program standards for pediatric palliative care services.

  • Medical assistance program means the medical assistance program established pursuant to the Medical Assistance Act.

  • Medical assistance program authorized by Title XVIII of the federal Social Security Act, 42U.S.C. section 1395 et seq., and regulations thereunder.

  • Medical assistance program administration - A medical surveillance and utilization team should be established at the state level for the Title XIX program and the use of authori- zations discontinued.

  • The Medical assistance program for the population below the poverty line (i.e. families that are registered in the united database of socially unprotected families and internally displaced persons) has been operating since July 2006.

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Medical assistance program means any program which
Medical assistance program means a program for payment of health services provided to eligible Oregonians, including Medicaid and CHIP services under the OHP Medicaid Demonstration Project and Medicaid and CHIP services under the State Plan.
Medical assistance program or "Medicaid program" means the state program for medical assistance for persons who are eligible under the state plan adopted pursuant to Title XIX of the federal Social Security Act; as implemented by Title 26, Chapter 18.
Medical assistance program means the State Medical Assistance
Medical assistance program means the State Medical Assistance Program established under Part 6 of Article 2 of Chapter 108A of the General Statutes.
Medical assistance program means the Medical Assistance Program
Medical assistance program means the same as defined in Iowa Code section 249A.2.