Performing Services Sample Clauses

Performing Services. Fremantle shall include in its agreements with each of the final thirty (30) contestants appearing in Episodes produced pursuant to any Production Order, provisions whereby each such contestant agrees (i) not to appear on television (other than in the Series or in promotional or guest appearances) without Fremantle’s, 19TV’s or FBC’s prior written consent from the date of the agreement with such contestant until thirty (30) days following the first broadcast of the Episode announcing the winner of the competition during such Production Order and (ii) to a first negotiation/first refusal right for FBC, lasting until thirty (30) days following the first broadcast of the last Episode of the Production Order in which such contestant appears with respect to such contestant’s performing services in television programs and theatrical motion pictures (other than promotional and guest appearances).
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Performing Services. Amdocs shall require that all Amdocs Personnel who are, or who are expected to be, engaged in the performance of Services to AT&T or the Eligible Recipients execute a non-disclosure agreement with Amdocs with terms no less protective of AT&T's Proprietary Information as provided under this Agreement. [**] to perform services [**]. For the purposes of the foregoing, [**]. From time to time, and in any event upon [**], Amdocs shall [**]. Upon [**] from time to time, Amdocs shall [**], and Amdocs shall [**] pursuant to the foregoing sentence.
Performing Services. Contractor may perform the services under this Agreement at any suitable time and location he chooses provided he shall timely perform his services for the Site. Contractor will supply all tools, materials, and equipment required to perform the services under this Agreement.
Performing Services performing Services [**] in the provision of the Services, Amdocs shall [**].