Performing Services Sample Clauses

Performing Services. Fremantle shall include in its agreements with each of the final thirty (30) contestants appearing in Episodes produced pursuant to any Production Order, provisions whereby each such contestant agrees (i) not to appear on television (other than in the Series or in promotional or guest appearances) without Fremantle’s, 19TV’s or FBC’s prior written consent from the date of the agreement with such contestant until thirty (30) days following the first broadcast of the Episode announcing the winner of the competition during such Production Order and (ii) to a first negotiation/first refusal right for FBC, lasting until thirty (30) days following the first broadcast of the last Episode of the Production Order in which such contestant appears with respect to such contestant’s performing services in television programs and theatrical motion pictures (other than promotional and guest appearances).
Performing Services. Contractor may perform the services under this Agreement at any suitable time and location he chooses provided he shall timely perform his services for the Site. Contractor will supply all tools, materials, and equipment required to perform the services under this Agreement.

Related to Performing Services

  • Training Services Fiserv shall provide training, training aids, user manuals, and other documentation for Client's use as Fiserv finds necessary to enable Client personnel to become familiar with Fiserv Services. If requested by Client, classroom training in the use and operation of Fiserv Services will be provided at a training facility designated by Fiserv. All such training aids and manuals remain Fiserv's property.

  • Billing Services Audits: The First Party shall be informed by the Second Party of any audit by the Second Party of its records and operations at the University of Louisville. The First Party shall receive a full report of any such audits (e.g. notification of the completion of any required audits, any adverse findings which impact this Agreement). The First Party or its designee shall have the right to conduct its own audit of the Second Party’s records as they relate to this contract by giving seven (7) working days notice to the Second Party. The First Party shall notify the Second Party, in writing, of any deficiency made known as a result of said audits, in their accounting procedures. If the First Party audit should uncover any billing discrepancies of more than one (1) percent, the cost of such audit shall be at the Second Party’s expense.

  • Monitoring Services The Fund will open with Mellon one or more custody accounts, each designated "Series" (each such designated custody account hereinafter referred to as a "Series Account"). Each Series Account will contain the appropriate designation in its title and will be operated subject to the terms of the Custodian Agreement. Russell/Mellon will monitor the assets delivered to each Series Account for conformity with the guidelines set forth in Schedule A attached hereto entitled Conforming Assets Guidelines (the "Guidelines"). For purposes of this Agreement, Russell/Mellon will only be responsible for performing conforming assets tests on assets that are traded through the Series Accounts and shall not be responsible for monitoring the continuing compliance with the Guidelines of assets held in the Series Accounts. In order to carry out the conforming assets tests, Russell/Mellon will rely on the trade information that Mellon receives from the Fund on behalf of the Series and from broker confirmations tendered by brokers to Mellon through The Depository Trust Company's Institutional Delivery Confirmation System ("DTC ID"). Such trade information must be complete, properly formatted and provided to Mellon in a timely manner. Russell/Mellon shall perform the conforming asset tests with respect to each asset added to the Series Account promptly after receipt of the related trade information and in any event within one business day of such receipt by Mellon. If by applying the conforming assets tests to the Series Accounts an instance of noncompliance with the Guidelines is noted, Russell/Mellon will notify MBIA and the Fund promptly of such noncompliance in writing via facsimile transmission. Once Russell/Mellon has notified the Fund and MBIA as to the existence of noncompliance, Russell/Mellon shall have no further obligation or duty to the Fund, the Series or MBIA to monitor the trade, or to report its cure.

  • Hosting Services GSI shall load the Web site onto server(s) that are connected to the Internet and readily accessible via the Web through use of the Domain Names. GSI shall ensure that the Web site is functional and ready to process transactions in a reasonably efficient manner.

  • Engineering Services Engineer shall perform Engineering Services as identified in Exhibit B entitled “Engineering Services.” County will prepare and issue Work Authorizations, in substantially the same form identified and attached hereto as Exhibit C and entitled “Work Authorization No. ”, to authorize the Engineer to perform one or more tasks of the Engineering Services. Each Work Authorization will include a description of the work to be performed, a description of the tasks and milestones, a work schedule for the tasks, definite review times by County and Engineer of all Engineering Services and a fee amount agreed upon by the County and Engineer. The amount payable for a Work Authorization shall be supported by the estimated cost of each work task as described in the Work Authorization. The Work Authorization will not waive the Engineer’s responsibilities and obligations established in this Contract. The executed Work Authorizations shall become part of this Contract. All work must be completed on or before the date specified in the Work Authorization. The Engineer shall promptly notify the County of any event which will affect completion of the Work Authorization, although such notification shall not relieve the Engineer from costs or liabilities resulting from delays in completion of the Work Authorization. Should the review times or Engineering Services take longer than shown on the Work Authorization, through no fault of Engineer, Engineer may submit a timely written request for additional time, which shall be subject to the approval of the County. Any changes in a Work Authorization shall be enacted by a written Supplemental Work Authorization before additional costs may be incurred. Any Supplemental Work Authorization must be executed by both parties within the period specified in the Work Authorization.

  • PROGRAM SERVICES a) Personalized Care Practice agrees to provide to Program Member certain enhancements and amenities to professional medical services to be rendered by Personalized Care Practice to Program Member, as further described in Schedule 1 to these Terms. Upon prior written notice to Program Member, Personalized Care Practice may add or modify the Program Services set forth in Schedule 1, as reasonably necessary, and subject to such additional fees and/or terms and conditions as may be reasonably necessary.

  • Autism Services This plan covers the following services for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. • Applied behavior analysis when provided and/or supervised by an individual licensed by the state in which the service is rendered. See the Summary of Medical Benefits for the amount that you pay. • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services when rendered as part of the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. A benefit limit will not apply to these services. • Psychological and psychiatric services, and prescription drugs are also covered. See Behavioral Health Services and Prescription Drugs and Diabetic Equipment or Supplies for additional information. Coverage for autism spectrum disorders does not affect any obligation of a school district, a state or other governmental entity to provide services to an individual under an individualized family service plan, an individualized education program, or similar services required under state or federal law. Services related to autism that are furnished by school personnel are not covered under this plan.

  • Collection Services 5.01 General 5-1 5.02 Solid Waste Collection 5-1 5.03 Targeted Recyclable Materials Collection 5-3

  • The Services 3.1.1 The Supplier shall supply the Services and provide all Deliverables to the Authority during the Contract Period in accordance with the Authority’s requirements as set out in the Contract in consideration for the payment of the Contract Price. The Authority may inspect and examine the manner in which the Supplier supplies the Services at the Premises during normal business hours on reasonable notice.

  • Education Services 1.1 Catholic education is intrinsic to the mission of the Church. It is one means by which the Church fulfils its role in assisting people to discover and embrace the fullness of life in Christ. Catholic schools offer a broad, comprehensive curriculum imbued with an authentic Catholic understanding of Christ and his teaching, as well as a lived appreciation of membership of the Catholic Church. Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS) governs the operation of MACS schools and owns, governs and operates the School.