Water and Wastewater Sample Clauses

Water and Wastewater. A. The City shall request the Charleston Water System (CPW) to provide the service and facilities of water and wastewater with sufficient availability and capacity to serve the number of residential units and the square footage of non-residential uses approved by this Agreement in a manner as not to disrupt or hinder the Development Schedule throughout the term of this Agreement.
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Water and Wastewater. 1. Existing, occupied homes that are using water-well and on-site sewer facilities on the effective date of annexation may continue to use the same. If a property owner desires to connect to the City water and sewer system, then the owner may request a connection and receive up to 200 linear feet of water and sewer extension at the City’s cost for each occupied lot or tract in accordance with the City’s “Policy for the Installation of Community Facilities” and applicable law. Once connected to the City’s water and sanitary sewer mains, the water and sanitary sewage service will be provided by the City at rates establish by City ordinances for such service.
Water and Wastewater. The WDNR and MGE recognize addressing Zebra Mussel control at BGS may require changes not only in the chemical treatment of once-through cooling water but also in changes to the BGS water handling system. In the event Zebra Mussels are discovered at BGS, the WDNR agrees to expedite the review of any plans or permit changes which may be required under chs. 281 or 283, Wis. Stat., and review these plans together as an integrated approach to Xxxxx Xxxxxx control.
Water and Wastewater. Water and Wastewater services will be provided by theThe City to the annexed area. Skyway Gardens will construct allwill provide retail water and sewer infrastructure within the development to city standardswastewater services.
Water and Wastewater. A. The Parties agree that the supply of potable water from a public or state- regulated water system to the Premises is an essential element of COUNTY’s enjoyment and use of the Premises.
Water and Wastewater. Section 11(a) and 11 (b) of the Prior Agreement shall be deleted and replaced with the following:
Water and Wastewater a. Water and wastewater services are provided independently by the Municipalities.
Water and Wastewater infrastructure For the wider investments in water and wastewater infrastructure in each of the two WATSAN projects, the implementation has been summarised in the earlier report. The 1st Amendment to the Contribution Agreement signed in 2016 has also allowed to allocate the remaining amount of SIDA grant for investment in water and wastewater infrastructure. A programme of works to be financed by the SIDA grant has been identified in Mostar, Bosanski Petrovac and Trebinje. A decision will be taken in 2018 with SIDA in order to implement the works. An Amendment to the Contribution agreement was prepared to provide an additional grant amount of SEK 21 million and to extend the implementation period to 30 September 2020 and the execution of the projects to 31 December 2020.
Water and Wastewater. Hot and cold water from standard building outlets for lavatory, restroom and drinking purposes and customary sewage and wastewater disposal for restroom purposes. There will be one water meter for each of the North Building and the South Building. Landlord will at its sole cost and expense install one submeter or flow meter for landscape water use for each of the North Building and the South Building. Landlord will submeter water usage for the Restaurant Space, the salon retail space and possibly other retail or office spaces in the Project, and will share water usage data from such submeters with Tenant. Water use for building-wide interior and landscaping uses for each of the North Building and the South Building will be compared to previous years and to other similar use type buildings, either nationally or locally. Landlord will make best efforts to fix leaks and reduce water usage.
Water and Wastewater. Services for water and wastewater (sewerage) are no longer under the jurisdiction of Brisbane City Council. Authorisation to connect the approved development to the water/wastewater networks and for property service connections requires a Water Approval under the Xxxxx-Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Xxx 0000. Any necessary Water Approval must be obtained from the relevant distributor- retailer (currently operating as Queensland Urban Utilities for the Brisbane City Council area). For the purpose of approving plans of subdivision pursuant to Schedule 18 of the Planning Regulation 2017 (whether in relation to a development permit for Reconfiguring a Lot or a Building Format Plan subsequent to a development permit for a Material Change of Use), documentary evidence, issued by the relevant distributor-retailer, must be provided to Council to verify that the conditions of any necessary Water Approval under the Xxxxx-Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Xxx 0000, have been complied with. As indicated