Solid Waste Sample Clauses

Solid Waste. The Licensee shall have to make arrangements for disposal of solid waste, which shall be got removed from the premises on a daily basis to ensure perfect cleanliness as per Corporation of Chennai Norms. The Licensee shall have to make arrangements for the solid waste to be separated into glass, plastic and food waste and for the food waste to be treated in a shredder to be converted into a paste. The waste shall need to be expelled into a common dump or waste area provided/ indicated by CMRL. If solid waste is found disposed of on CMRL land or premises a penalty/fine of Rs.2000/- shall be imposed by CMRL for each occasion.
Solid Waste. Garbage, Recyclable Material and Organic Waste resulting from 476 the normal activities of a Service Unit. Solid Waste must be generated by and at the 477 Service Unit wherein the Solid Waste is collected and does not include items defined herein 478 as Exempt Waste.
Solid Waste. Describe the solid waste management responsibilities for the project both during the construction phase and after the building is occupied.
Solid Waste. All putrescible and non-putrescible solid, semi-solid, and associated liquid waste, including residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal garbage, trash, refuse, paper, rubbish, ashes, demolition and construction wastes, discarded home and industrial appliances, manure, vegetable or animal solid and semi-solid wastes, and other discarded solid and semi-solid wastes. Solid Waste does not include Hazardous Waste, biosolids (as described in Section 3.5.7) or Infectious Waste, but (for the avoidance of doubt) does include Refuse, Recyclable Materials and Green Waste.
Solid Waste. All solid waste and debris generated from the activities conducted under this lease shall be removed to a facility approved by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Temporary storage and accumulation of solid waste prior to its removal will conform to the following:
Solid Waste a. Does the facility have an EPA Hazardous Waste generator number?
Solid Waste. Total Solid Waste Tonnage Collected and Disposed by Service Sector.
Solid Waste. Company shall provide semi-automated or automated tipper Carts in 32-, 64-, and 96-gallon capacities to be placed for Collection at the curb or, upon approval of Company, the designated Collection location. Company will also provide Bins with 1-6, 10-, or 18-cubic yard capacities for large volumes of material. Company will determine the size and type of container depending on materials generated, recycled and diverted, safety, collection vehicle and service location. Service levels shall range from one time per week to six times per week. Each Commercial Customer must subscribe to a level of service that is adequate for the volume of material generated. Lids of containers must close and should not be overflowing. Extra fees may be incurred for extra bags or overloaded bins as listed in Exhibit C. Company retains approval of all service locations for carts not at the curb and for bins. Company shall also service Customer-owned compactor units for the fees as listed in Exhibit C. For safety and equipment purposes, Company retains right of approval as to the type of compactor to be serviced and service location.
Solid Waste. Each dwelling unit shall have a solid waste container. Dumpsters or large solid waste containers shall be provided for required open space areas. Solid waste containers and dumpsters shall be shielded or screened with a proper enclosure. Enclosures shall be approved by the city. Solid waste collection shall comply with Xxxxx City Environmental Standards.
Solid Waste. 200 Contractor shall offer and provide Solid Waste Collection services as described in Exhibit B. 201 Contractor acknowledges that City is committed to Diverting materials from Disposal through the 202 implementation of source reduction, reuse, Recycling, Composting, and other programs, and that City 203 may implement new programs in accordance with Section 3.5 that may impact the overall quantity or 204 composition of Solid Waste to be Collected by Contractor, subject to Contractor’s right to petition for a 205 Rate change pursuant to Section 8.3. 206 Contractor shall Transport all Solid Waste Collected in City to the Approved Disposal Facility. Contractor 207 shall pay all costs associated with Transporting and Disposal of Solid Waste including payment of any 208 gate fees charged at the Approved Disposal Facility. Contractor shall observe and comply with all 209 regulations and posted rules in effect at the Approved Disposal Facility and cooperate with and take 210 direction from the operator thereof with respect to delivery of Solid Waste. 211 4.2 RECYCLABLE MATERIALS 212 A. Collection and Delivery. Contractor shall provide Recyclable Materials Collection services as 213 described in Exhibit B. Contractor agrees to Transport and deliver all Source Separated 214 Recyclable Materials placed by Customers in Recyclable Material Containers in City to the 215 Approved Recyclable Materials Processing Facility. All tipping fees and other costs associated 216 with Transporting to and Processing such Recyclable Materials at the Approved Recyclable 217 Materials Processing Facility and Disposing of the residue as required in Section 4.2.D below 218 shall be paid by Contractor. 219 Contractor shall observe and comply with all regulations in effect at the Approved Recyclable 220 Materials Processing Facility and cooperate with and take direction from the operator thereof 221 with respect to delivery of Recyclable Materials. Contractor shall actively work with the 222 Approved Recyclable Materials Processing Facility operator throughout the Term of this 223 Agreement to minimize contamination of the Recyclable Materials Collected under this 224 Agreement and delivered to the Processing Facility.