Recreation Sample Clauses

Recreation. Recreation rooms shall be supplied. Smokes and soft drinks shall be available. Outside wall of the above to be completely closed in the cold weather. Sidewalk to be provided between the living quarters from living quarters to dining rooms and recreation rooms. The above to be standards for Stationary or Permanent type camps. In the initial construction of the above, the camp construction workers in areas where there are no hotel accommodations, shall construct such housing as is necessary for them (this is not to be a tent). When bunkhouses are built to the degree that they can be occupied, the camp construction workers shall move into such quarters, and their original buildings shall be disposed of or not used for lodging from that time on.
Recreation. (2) Engaging in other employment, including self-employment, either direct or indirect.
Recreation. The Facility will provide certain recreational programs for those Residents who wish to participate. Some recreational programs may incur additional costs.
Recreation. 11.1 The CEO shall be entitled to paid recreation days according to the law. In witness whereof we executed this document: /s/ Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. /s/ Dr. Shai Yarkoni Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. Dr. Shai Yarkoni Appendix C A General Approval regarding Employers' Payments to a Pension Fund and Insurance Fund in lieu of Severance Pay Under Severance Pay Law – 1963 Pursuant to the authority vested in me under Section 14 of the Severance Pay Law, - 1963 (the "Law"), I hereby confirm that the payments paid by an employer effective with publication date of publication of this approval for his employees to a comprehensive pension in a provident fund that is not an insurance fund within the meaning of the Income Tax Regulations (rules on the approval and management of provident funds) - 1964 (the "Pension Fund"), or to managers' insurance including the possibility of an annuity or a combination of payments to annuity plan and to a plan that is not for a pension in such insurance fund (the "insurance fund"), including payments paid through a combination of payments to a pension and insurance funds, whether or not there is a pension plan in the insurance fund (the "Employer Payments"), will be in lieu of the severance pay due to the employee in respect of the salary from which said payments were made and for the period payments were made (Exempt wages) provided that all of the following were met:
Recreation. A resident recreation amenity complex that may be accessed and utilized by all residents of the overall project shall be constructed on the Property within TractPlanning Area 45, unless otherwise mutually agreed to by the Owners and City Staff, generally in the location shown on the Site Plan. The complex shall include, at a minimum, a swimming pool, 2000 square foot clubhouse, and associated restrooms, and walking paths. In addition, TractPlanning Area 6 8 shall provide for passive recreation for the residents, and the general public shall be authorized to access and use that TractPlanning Area. See Exhibit “54.
Recreation a) Recreation rooms shall be supplied. Smokes and soft drinks shall be available.