Residential Uses definition

Residential Uses means lands, Buildings or structures or portions thereof used, or designed or intended for use as a home or residence of one or more individuals, and shall include Single Detached Dwelling, Semi-Detached Dwelling, Multiple Dwelling, Apartment Dwelling, and the residential portion of a mixed-use Building or structure;
Residential Uses means activities carried out on property developed for permanent housing or being developed to be occupied by permanent housing.
Residential Uses means land, buildings or structures or portions thereof used, designed, or intended to be used principally (or primarily) as living accommodation for one or more individuals.

Examples of Residential Uses in a sentence

  • This size limitation shall not be applicable to off-street parking spaces permitted under the provisions of paragraph (c) of Section 16-12 (Permitted Parking for Non- Residential Uses) where such spaces are exclusively #accessory#, no-charge, self-parking spaces in enclosed facilities with a capacity limited to 100 automobiles.

  • Apart from the requirements for parking in a garage contained in Table 3-3 (Off-Street Parking Requirements: Residential Uses) for residential uses, wherever required covered or garage parking cannot be provided due to physical limitations on a property, an alternative parking arrangement for the remaining required parking can be arranged by the approval of an Administrative Modification subject to the requirements of Section 9107.05 (Administrative Modifications).

  • Each façade of a building shall comply with the offset requirements contained herein.b) Scale, Buildings Containing Only Residential Uses.

  • Unless otherwise provided for in this Lease, no portion of the Lease Premises shall be used as a location for a Residence, for the purpose of mooring or maintaining a structure which is used as a Residence, or for Residential Uses.

  • The maximum distance from the #street line# to the #street wall# of such #development# shall be ten feet, unless modified by the Commission pursuant to Section 44-28 (Parking Regulations for Residential Uses in M1- 1D through M1-5D Districts).

More Definitions of Residential Uses

Residential Uses means activities within land areas used predominantly for housing.
Residential Uses means any one or more of the following uses: Assisted Living, Dwelling Unit, Live Work Unit, Multi-Residential Development, Hotel and Tong House. Defined Uses
Residential Uses means the following: Homes and Home Sites shall be used only for Private, Primary, Permanent Residential Purposes, and no business or commercial activity of any nature shall be conducted thereon; provided, however, that Residents and Tenants may conduct Home-Based Businesses in accordance with these Rules and Regulations and applicable law.
Residential Uses means activities carried out on property developed for permanent housing or being developed to be occupied by permanent housing; COMMERCIAL USES - means activities carried out on property developed for industry, commerce, trade, recreation, or business, or being developed to be occupied for such purposes, for profit or nonprofit. OTHER USES - means activities other than residential uses or commercial uses.
Residential Uses means living within single-family residence, detached houses, accessory dwelling units, duplexes and/or multifamily residences.
Residential Uses means, for the purpose of providing solid waste collection, single-family, duplex and multifamily dwellings (up to and including five units) on public ways. Residential uses may include home occupations as defined in the Town Zoning Ordinance, but not other mixed commercial and residential uses.
Residential Uses means uses of land, buildings or structures designed or intended to be used as living accommodations for one or more individuals.