Sanitary Sewage definition

Sanitary Sewage means the normal water-carried household and toilet wastes from any Improved Property.

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  • Anthropogenic Influences of Paved Runoff and Sanitary Sewage on the Dissolved Organic Matter Quality of Wet Weather Overflows: An Excitation–Emission Matrix Parallel Factor Analysis Assessment.

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Sanitary Sewage means liquid or water borne waste:
Sanitary Sewage means the common wastewater and water-carried wastes from
Sanitary Sewage or “sewage” means water-carried wastes from residences, business buildings, institutions, and industrial establishments, excluding ground, surface and storm waters, subsurface drainage and also excluding industrial waste.
Sanitary Sewage means the common waste water and water-carried wastes from human dwellings and from toilet and lavatory fixtures, kitchens, laundries and similar facilities of business and industrial buildings. In general, sanitary sewage shall not include storm water from roofs, yards, streets or open spaces, water from land surfaces or brooks, clean waste or overflows from springs, wells, or subsoil drainage, large volumes of clean water from air conditioning or other cooling or condensing facilities, clean wastewater from hydraulically-operated contrivances and those wastes included within the definition of "industrial waste" next following.
Sanitary Sewage means any liquid waste containing animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution, or the water-carried wastes resulting from the discharge of toilets, showers, bathtubs, laundry tubs, washing machines, sinks, dishwashers, or any other source of water-carried waste of human origin or containing putrescible material.