Waste Material Sample Clauses

Waste Material. ‌ 10 Developer acknowledges and agrees that all waste material is the property of Developer. 11 Developer shall be responsible for disposal of waste material at suitable waste disposal 12 locations. The final location of waste material must not be within ADOT ROW. 13 All material removed from the South Mountain must be processed, used, placed, or left within 14 the vicinity of the South Mountain (51st Avenue to 17th Avenue). Developer shall not use such
Waste Material. Waste Material is all Solid Waste and Recyclable Material that are not excluded by this Agreement. Waste Material does not include any Unacceptable Waste.
Waste Material. All tailings, residues, waste rock, spoiled leach materials, and other waste materials (collectively, “Waste Materials”) resulting from the Return Entitiesoperations and activities at and on the Property shall be the sole property of the Return Entities, but shall remain subject to the Return should the same be processed or reprocessed, as the case may be, in the future and result in the production of Minerals. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Return Entities shall have the right to dispose of waste materials from the Property on or off of the Property and to commingle the same with waste materials from other properties (provided in any case that any sale of waste materials shall be subject to the Return). In the event waste materials from the Property are processed or reprocessed, as the case may be, the Return payable thereon shall be determined using the best engineering and technical practices then available.
Waste Material. (a) The Waste Material with regard to which Zhagrus is to perform The Work is of the type and quantities set forth in Attachment "A". Zhagrus shall ship the Waste Material for disposal only at The Facility. If Zhagrus discovers what it believes to be a material nonconformity with respect to Attachment "A" or Envirocare's License, it will, as soon as reasonably possible after discovery, give to NMI a written notice of the characteristics, conditions and circumstances which Zhagrus believes constitutes such nonconformity. If Zhagrus is required to reasonably excavate, handle, move, load or store non-conforming waste material in order to have access to the Waste Material and properly perform The Work, Zhagrus shall then prepare and submit to NMI a proposed written change order identifying the additional work required to so handle the nonconforming waste material and price to be paid by NMI in consideration for the performance of that additional work. Said additional work shall not be undertaken until a written change order has been agreed to and signed by Zhagrus and NMI.
Waste Material. Any waste material or packaging component bearing the Alder name must be defaced and/or incinerated by SANDOZ. SANDOZ shall provide a proof of destruction certificate to Alder on request.
Waste Material. (a) Atrix will destroy waste material in a secure and legal manner that is environmentally friendly and will prevent unauthorized use or diversion of such waste material. Complete records of the destruction of material must be maintained by Atrix.
Waste Material. 4.1 The Customer shall place all Waste Material in the Equipment and shall not place any Waste Material outside the Equipment or in the vicinity of the Equipment or in any other place for collection by Westminster.
Waste Material. 11 11 TERM AND EXPIRATION OF THE QA AGREEMENT.............................. 11