Recyclable material definition

Recyclable material means a material generated by the entity's operations, including aluminum, steel containers, aseptic packaging and polycoated paperboard cartons, high-grade office paper, and corrugated cardboard.
Recyclable material means those materials which would otherwise become municipal solid waste, and which may be collected, separated or processed and returned to the economic mainstream in the form of raw materials or products.
Recyclable material means those materials which are capable of being recycled and which would otherwise be processed or disposed of as solid waste.

Examples of Recyclable material in a sentence

  • Recyclable material sales revenue and solid waste disposal costs are the two most notable exceptions.

  • Recyclable material can be collected at longer regular intervals as may be convenient to the waste producer and the waste collector, as this waste does not normally decay and need not be collected daily.

  • Recyclable material recovery is accomplished at privately owned facilities in the County.

  • Recyclable material does not include refuse or hazardous materials nor does it include coins, precious metals or commercial grade precious metals if they are the sole recyclable material.” OGDEN CITY CODE § 15-2-24 (Ord.

More Definitions of Recyclable material

Recyclable material means those materials which would
Recyclable material means material that is suitable for recycling.
Recyclable material means any material or group of materials that can be collected and sold for recycling at a net cost equal to or less than the cost of collection and disposal of the same material.
Recyclable material or "recyclables" means any material or group of materials that can be collected and sold or used for recycling.
Recyclable material means hazardous waste that is recycled.
Recyclable material or “recyclables” means materials that have been separated from the solid waste stream prior to disposal and returned for use or reuse in the form of raw materials for new, used, or reconstituted products which meet the quality standard necessary to be used in the market place, and that are not landfilled, including, but not limited to, recyclable material designated by the solid waste manager pursuant to section 13.24.550.
Recyclable material means material reasonably able to be recovered, reprocessed and used as raw material.