De facto definition

De facto means “in fact” or “in effect”. We are just stating a fact here.
De facto and “de jure” control have the meanings provided in 47 C.F.R. § 1.2110.
De facto means ‘in fact, in reality’ (literally ‘from fact’; de jure means ‘of right, by right’, according to law (literally ‘from law’), as contrasted with de facto.

Examples of De facto in a sentence

  • De facto parents are entitled to receive copies of CASA reports only if there is a Court order directing distribution of the report to the de facto parents.

  • De facto parent status automatically terminates upon the termination of dependency jurisdiction or when the child reaches 18 years of age.

  • De facto partner is defined in section 21C of the Interpretation Act 1987.

  • De facto, a traceable aid instrument must involve a degree of earmarking, although this may be very broad - this is often referred to as real earmarking.

  • De facto controller: A person who is not a shareholder of the Company but can effectively control the Company through investment, agreement or other arrangement.

More Definitions of De facto

De facto or “regulatorytaking means that a property owner is normally not entitled to compensation. What is worse is that we
De facto partner means:
De facto guardian: means you haven’t been legally declared guardian.
De facto means that a woman is acting as a household head either because her husband is absent or because he cannot perform the role of a household head. Society recognizes the husband, not his wife, as household head. On the other hand, a de jure household is defined as the one with no male member over 18 years of age present in the household and where the woman is recognized as the household head according to the law or society. This would refer to women who are totally responsible for their own and their dependants' survival.
De facto means "in fact" or "actually" in Latin. Something that exists in fact, but not as a matter of law.
De facto means a practice that exists in reality, even though the practice is not officially recognized by laws.
De facto means control of a finance company by a person means direct or indirect influence of any kind that, results in a person controlling the finance company and includes any powers exercisable over another finance company by virtue of such influence;