Meeting Room Sample Clauses

Meeting Room. The Employer will allow the use of a room for meetings of the Union, following normal booking procedures.
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Meeting Room. The Employer agrees to provide the Union with the use of a meeting room sufficient in size on the corporation's premises, to be used after normal business hours for the purpose of keeping its membership informed. The Union shall ensure that the meeting room is booked in advance in accordance with the Employer's policies for booking meeting rooms. The location of the room shall be at the discretion of the Employer. The provision of the meeting room will be at no cost to the Union and will be limited to a maximum ten (10) occasions during a calendar year. Use of a meeting room beyond the ten (10) occasions provided for shall be paid for by the Union in accordance with a schedule of costs established by the Employer.
Meeting Room. If Sponsorship Type includes private meeting space, Host will provide Sponsor with branded meeting space. Additional specialty furniture, signage, food and beverage, and adjustments to space (other than relocation of space) will be arranged by the Sponsor, at the Sponsor’s expense.
Meeting Room. Upon application to the appropriate University authority, the Union shall be entitled to the use of a meeting room on the same basis that pertains to any group, except student groups, within the University.
Meeting Room. Landlord currently provides a meeting room (the “Meeting Room”) in a building located at 00 Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx, which is capable of accommodating groups of people for use by Building tenants (including Tenant) on a reserved basis. Tenant shall, subject to availability, have the use of the Meeting Room subject to Landlord’s procedures and charges. The use of the Common Area Meeting Room shall be subject to the reasonable rules and regulations (including rules regarding hours of use and priorities for the tenants of the particular building in which a Common Area Meeting Room is located, set up and clean up charges, etc.) established from time to time by Landlord for the Common Area Meeting Room. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that the terms and provisions of Section 10.3 (Tenant’s Indemnity) of the Lease shall apply to Tenant’s use of the Meeting Room. Further, Landlord shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to the existence, condition or availability of the Common Area Meeting Room nor shall Landlord have any obligation whatsoever to enforce or make reservations thereof, and Tenant hereby expressly waives all claims against Landlord with respect to the same. No expansion, contraction, elimination, unavailability or modification of the Meeting Room, and no termination of or interference with Tenant’s rights to the Meeting Room, shall entitle Tenant to an abatement or reduction in rent or constitute a constructive eviction or an event of default by Landlord under this Lease. Tenant’s right to use the Meeting Room shall belong solely to Tenant and may not be transferred or assigned without Landlord’s prior written consent, which may be withheld by Landlord in Landlord’s sole discretion EXHIBIT H
Meeting Room. Select your Meeting Room preference(s). Rooms are confirmed by Oakridge based upon your final group size.
Meeting Room. 4.4 The Town agrees to grant the Union permission to use Station 3 meeting rooms for its monthly Union meetings and special Union meetings as space and scheduling permit and under the same conditions as other external organizations. The Union will supply the Town with a schedule of monthly meetings and will provide forty-eight (48) hours of special Union meetings.
Meeting Room. The Association shall be permitted to use hospital facilities for meetings of the local unit with or without Association staff present, provided sufficient advance request for a meeting room is made to the Administrative Secretary, and space is available.
Meeting Room. The employer shall provide the Union reasonable access to an on- site conference room, upon request, based upon availability and notice received.