Ownership Interests definition

Ownership Interests means, with respect to any entity, any ownership interests in the entity and any economic rights (such as a right to distributions, net cash flow or net income) to which the owner of such ownership interests is entitled.
Ownership Interests means, as applied to any Person, corporate stock and any and all securities, shares, partnership interests (whether general, limited, special or other), limited liability company interests, membership interests, equity interests, participations, rights or other equivalents (however designated and of any character) of corporate stock of such Person or any of the foregoing issued by such Person (whether a corporation, a partnership, a limited liability company or another type of entity) and includes, without limitation, securities convertible into Ownership Interests and rights, warrants or options to acquire Ownership Interests.
Ownership Interests means, with respect to any Person, all of the shares of Capital Stock of such Person and all debt securities of such Person that can be converted or exchanged for Capital Stock of such Person, whether voting or nonvoting, and whether or not such Capital Stock or debt securities are outstanding on any date of determination.

Examples of Ownership Interests in a sentence

Ownership interests in the Global Certificate will be shown on, and transfers thereof will only be effected through, records maintained by Euroclear and Clearstream, Luxembourg (as applicable), and their respective participants.

Ownership interests of all Project Participants in the proposed Applications will be reviewed.

Ownership interests in subsidiaries, partnerships, and joint ventures have been listed in Schedule A/B, Part 4, as undetermined amounts on account of the fact that the fair market value of such ownership is dependent on numerous variables and factors, and may differ significantly from their net book value.

Ownership interests that are held indirectly by any party through one or more intervening corporations will be determined by successive multiplica- tion of the ownership percentages for each link in the vertical ownership chain and application of the relevant attribution benchmark to the resulting product, except that if the ownership percentage for an interest in any link in the chain exceeds 50 percent or rep- resents actual control, it shall be treated as if it were a 100 percent inter- est.

This limitation applies to Ownership interests of all proposed Project Participants except for Syndicators.

More Definitions of Ownership Interests

Ownership Interests has the meaning set forth in Section 5.08.
Ownership Interests has the meaning set forth in Section 9.1.
Ownership Interests means for a domestic or foreign organization that is:
Ownership Interests means all forms of ownership, whether legal or beneficial, voting or non-voting, including stock, partnership interests, limited liability company membership or ownership interests, joint tenancy interests, proprietorship interests, trust beneficiary interests, proxy interests, power-of-attorney interests, and all options, warrants and instruments convertible into such other interests, and any other right, title or interest not included in this definition that constitutes a form of direct or indirect ownership in a Person.
Ownership Interests means any and all shares, interests, participations or other equivalents (however designated) of capital stock of a corporation, any and all equivalent ownership interests in a Person (other than a corporation) and any and all warrants or options to purchase any of the foregoing.
Ownership Interests means for an organization which is: