Conversion Sample Clauses

Conversion. Holder shall have the right to convert, at any time during the Conversion Period, all or any portion of the principal amount, together with any unpaid and accrued interest, then outstanding under this Note into fully paid and non-assessable shares of Common Stock at a conversion price per share equal to the Conversion Price (as defined below). The number of shares of Common Stock into which such principal and interest then outstanding under this Note will be converted shall be determined by dividing the amount of principal, together with all unpaid and accrued interest, then outstanding under this Note to be converted (the Conversion Amount) by the Conversion Price.

Conversion. Borrowers may convert LIBOR Rate Loans to Base Rate Loans at any time; provided, that in the event that LIBOR Rate Loans are converted or prepaid on any date that is not the last day of the Interest Period applicable thereto, including as a result of any prepayment through the required application by Agent of any payments or proceeds of Collateral in accordance with Section 2.4(b) or for any other reason, including early termination of the term of this Agreement or acceleration of all or any portion of the Obligations pursuant to the terms hereof, each Borrower shall indemnify, defend, and hold Agent and the Lenders and their Participants harmless against any and all Funding Losses in accordance with Section 2.12 (b)(ii).

Conversion. The holders of the Preferred Stock shall have conversion rights as follows (the Conversion Rights):

Conversion. The holder of Series A Preferred Stock shall have the following conversion rights (the "Conversion Rights"):

Conversion. The Lender has the right, at any time after the Effective Date, at its election, to convert all or part of the outstanding and unpaid Principal Sum and accrued interest (and any other fees) into shares of fully paid and non-assessable shares of common stock of the Borrower as per this conversion formula: Number of shares receivable upon conversion equals the dollar conversion amount divided by the Conversion Price. Conversions may be delivered to Borrower by method of Lender's choice (including but not limited to email, facsimile, mail, overnight courier, or personal delivery), and all conversions shall be cashless and not require further payment from the Lender. If no objection is delivered from Borrower to Lender regarding any variable or calculation of the conversion notice within 24 hours of delivery of the conversion notice, the Borrower shall have been thereafter deemed to have irrevocably confirmed and irrevocably ratified such notice of conversion and waived any objection thereto. The Borrower shall deliver the shares from any conversion to Lender (in any name directed by Lender) within 3 (three) business days of conversion notice delivery.

Conversion. Holders of Designated Preferred Stock shares shall have no right to exchange or convert such shares into any other securities.

Conversion. At the Maturity Date, by providing written notice to Maker, Payee may elect to convert any portion or all of the amount outstanding under this Note into warrants to purchase shares of common stock of the entity surviving or resulting from the Initial Business at a conversion price of $0.75 per warrant. The terms and conditions of such warrants shall be as described in the registration statement and prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with the IPO (together, the "Registration Statement").

Conversion. At the option of the Lender (or Holder), Lender may convert the note and the unpaid interest thereon into the Common Stock of the Company based upon the closing bid price of one shares of the Common Stock as published by the OTC Markets Weekly Report at the rate of the lesser of Ten cents ($0.10) or 50% of the average prior five days bid price of one (1) share of Common Stock. In the event there is no published Closing bid price for one (1) shares of Common Stock of the Borrower as published by the OTC Markets Weekly Report, or if, such published amount is less than par value, the Lender may convert all such amounts due to Lender at two (2) times par value of One (1) Common Stock of the Borrower. Issuance of a stock certificate therefore, however, shall be conditioned upon Lenders execution and delivery to the Company of (i) a Subscription or Stock Purchase Agreement in substantially the form executed and delivered to the Company by other purchasers of Borrowers Common Stock and (ii) surrender to Borrower of the original executed copy of this Note, marked surrendered for conversion, canceled, paid or the like. This conversion provision in non dilutable.

Conversion. So long as there exists no Default or Event of Default, the Borrower may on any Business Day, upon the Borrower's giving of a Notice of Conversion to the Administrative Agent by telecopy, electronic mail or other similar form of communication, Convert all or a portion of a Loan of one Type into a Loan of another Type. Each Conversion of Base Rate Loans into LIBOR Loans shall be in an aggregate minimum amount of $100,000 and integral multiples of $1,000 in excess of that amount, and upon Conversion of a Base Rate Loan into a LIBOR Loan, the Borrower shall pay accrued interest to the date of Conversion on the principal amount so Converted in accordance with Section 2.4. Any Conversion of a LIBOR Loan into a Base Rate Loan shall be made on, and only on, the last day of an Interest Period for such LIBOR Loan. Each such Notice of Conversion shall be given not later than 11:00 a.m. Central time one Business Day prior to the date of any proposed Conversion into Base Rate Loans and three (3) Business Days prior to the date of any proposed Conversion into LIBOR Loans. Promptly after receipt of a Notice of Conversion, the Administrative Agent shall notify each Lender of the proposed Conversion. Subject to the restrictions specified above, each Notice of Conversion shall be by telecopy, electronic mail or other similar form of communication in the form of a Notice of Conversion specifying (a) the requested date of such Conversion, (b) the Type of Loan to be Converted, (c) the portion of such Type of Loan to be Converted, (d) the Type of Loan such Loan is to be Converted into and (e) if such Conversion is into a LIBOR Loan, the requested duration of the Interest Period of such Loan. Each Notice of Conversion shall be irrevocable by and binding on the Borrower once given.

Conversion. Each Preferred Share shall be convertible into validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable shares of Common Stock (as defined below) on the terms and conditions set forth in this Section 4.