Educational Programs Sample Clauses

Educational Programs. 412. Subject to the approval of the appointing officer, Personal Property Auditors and other represented employees shall be on paid status when attending educational programs required to maintain a job-related state license.
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Educational Programs. The Academy shall deliver the educational programs identified in Schedule 7c.
Educational Programs. OSMI shall provide in-service training and educational programs for Provider physicians and staff related to the proper fitting, use and clinical benefits of DME.
Educational Programs. The following College of Education programs are included in this Agreement and are governed by the corresponding Exhibits, incorporated as if fully stated herein: Exhibit AEarly Fieldwork & Pre-Student Teaching (1 page) Exhibit BBasic Credential Programs (2 pages) Exhibit C – Educational Administration (1 page) Exhibit DSchool Counseling (2 pages) Exhibit E – School Psychology (1 page) Exhibit FLibrary Services Credential (1 page)
Educational Programs. Provide a minimum of (6) continuing educational hours per year. CHAPTER is encouraged to provide programming that addresses all five established PEGS of finance, human resources, marketing, office administration and project management.
Educational Programs. 295. Subject to the approval of the Court Executive Officer or designee, represented employees shall be on paid status when attending educational programs required to maintain a job-related state license.
Educational Programs. 6.5.1 In accordance with the IIBA Implementation Plan, the Parties, in consultation with the NJPMC, shall enter into discussions with Nunavut Arctic College to identify priorities and fill omissions in the education or training programs that are offered to prepare interested Inuit to pursue tourism and parks-related employment, career and business opportunities. The following areas will be considered:
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Educational Programs. (a) The Education Corporation shall implement and provide educational programs at its school(s) that are designed to permit and do permit the students to meet or exceed the performance standards adopted by the Regents and the goals, and measures of progress towards those goals, of the school(s) as set forth in the Accountability Plan for each school further described below. Subject to the immediately foregoing requirements, the Education Corporation shall have the right to make any modifications to the educational programs of its schools as it deems necessary including, but not limited to, the curriculum, pedagogical approach and staffing structure, and such modifications shall not require the permission of the Trustees or be deemed a revision to the Charter Agreement, provided however, that any such modifications shall be generally consistent with the Terms of Operation and applicable law, and the Education Corporation or each school, as the case may be, reports such modifications as part of its annual report as required by section 6.1 of the Charter Agreement.
Educational Programs. If requested by the City, Company shall provide qualified staff to participate in City-sponsored public health education programs, not to exceed four in any calendar year, and to work cooperatively with other City public safety departments not mentioned in the Agreement.
Educational Programs. 1. The funds available for implementation of the educational programs.
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