Annual Meeting definition

Annual Meeting means the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Company.
Annual Meeting refers to any annual meeting of Shareholders as well as any special meeting held in lieu of an annual meeting as described in the first two sentences of Section 10.2 of these Bylaws, and the term "special meeting" refers to all meetings of Shareholders other than an annual meeting or a special meeting in lieu of an annual meeting.
Annual Meeting means the first meeting of the Company’s stockholders held each calendar year at which Directors of the Company are selected.

Examples of Annual Meeting in a sentence

  • In response to this Item, this information is contained in our Proxy Statement for the Annual Meeting of Shareholders to be held on May 17, 2016 and is incorporated herein by reference.

  • The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders shall still be held within the principal office of the Corporation in Metro Manila on the last Friday of July each year, unless a different date is fixed by the Board of Directors.

  • All members in good standing are entitled to vote at a Special, General or Annual Meeting of the Society thirty-one (31) days after obtaining a new membership.

  • With that in mind, CenterState CEO will explore the theme of “leading with intention” at its 2019 Annual Meeting, Wednesday, April 24, at the Oncenter.

  • Virtual poster presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, November 6, 2020.13) Trambert Kylstra E, Luukinen B, Cohen S, Valier M, Tuccero D, Silberberg M, Murphy SK.

More Definitions of Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting means an annual meeting of the Company’s stockholders.
Annual Meeting means the Company’s annual meeting of stockholders.
Annual Meeting means the Corporation's annual meeting of stockholders or special meeting in lieu of annual meeting of stockholders at which one or more directors are elected.
Annual Meeting means any annual meeting of Shareholders;
Annual Meeting means the annual meeting of shareholders of the Corporation.