Telephone Company Sample Clauses

Telephone Company. The Directory Publisher will not enter into or divulge any agreements pertaining to the purchase of or per-listing charge for the Telephone Company's Subscriber List Information or any other information about the Telephone Company's Subscriber List Information with or to third parties. The Telephone Company shall have sole authority over the decision to sell its listings to any third parties, and any agreements regarding same shall be solely between the Telephone Company and any applicable third party. The Directory Publisher will not be a party to any such agreements or transactions.
Telephone Company. XXXXX COUNTY asserts that it is a "rural telephone company" as that term is defined in the Federal Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C. 153 et seq. (the “Act”). XXXXX COUNTY further asserts that, pursuant to Section 251(f)(1) of the Act, XXXXX COUNTY is exempt from Section 251(c) of the Act. Accordingly, XXXXX COUNTY expressly reserves the right to assert its right to an exemption or waiver and modification of Section 251(c) of the Act, in response to other requests for interconnection by SPRINT or any other carrier.
Telephone Company. Adopted (Central Telephone Company – Centel) 1-28-92 Renewed (Central Telephone Company - Centel) 6-27-05 180-184 TELEPHONE COMPANY FRANCHISE Be it enacted by the Town Council of the Town of Front Royal, Virginia that an Ordinance to grant a telephone company franchise in accordance with the provisions of Virginia Code Section 56-460 and Virginia Code Section 15.2-2100, as amended, is hereby adopted and enacted as follows:
Telephone Company. 57 20.E.
Telephone Company. The Telephone Company may from time to time alter the rates charged by it hereunder for Subscriber List Information upon notice to the Directory Publisher; PROVIDED that such rates shall not exceed the maximum rates allowed by law for such Subscriber List Information.
Telephone Company. Franchisee agrees to notify the telephone company and all telephone directory publishers of the termination or expiration of Franchisee's right to use any telephone and telecopy numbers and any regular, classified or other telephone directory listings associated with any Mark and to authorize the transfer thereof to Pxxxxel Time or at its direction. Franchisee acknowledges and agrees that as between him and Pretzel Time, Pretzel Time has the sole rights to and interest in all telephone and telecopy numbers and directory listings associated with any Mark. Franchisee authorizes Pretzel Time, and xxxxby appoints Pretzel Time and any of its officers as Franchisee's attorney in fact, to direct the telephone company and all telephone directory publishers to transfer any telephone and telecopy numbers and directory listings relating to the Pretzel Time Units to Pretzel Time or at its direction, should Franchisee fail or refuse to do so, and the telephone company and all telephone directory publishers may accept such direction or this agreement as conclusive of Pretzel Time's exclusive rights in such telephone and telecopy numbers and directory listings and Pretzel Time's authority to direct their transfer. Franchisee agrees to execute a collateral assignment of telephone numbers and listings agreement which is attached hereto as Exhibit G. In no event shall Pretzel Time be responsible for any charges incurred by Franchisee and associated with the telephone company prior to the date of transfer.
Telephone Company. An E-Z twist cable tie shall be used to attach the cable tag. At anchor and guy locations, the apparatus tag shall be placed between the device used to secure the strand (i.e., strandvise, guy, grips or clamps) and the eye of the rod. If a xxx xxxxxxx is in place, the apparatus tag can be attached at the top of the xxx xxxxxx on the strand. At terminal locations, the Identification tag shall be placed around the neck of the terminal, on the stub, An E-Z twist tie shall be used to attach this tag. An Identification tag shall be placed on each cable at each pole that is on a separate suspension strand, if the lead is ten poles or less. If the lead is more than ten poles, it is permissible to place a tag on every fourth pole.

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  • TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS Both parties may communicate by telephone, but it is agreed that no instructions that require action will be left on any messaging service since neither party can guarantee that they will be received or actioned. Telephone conversations may be recorded by Us for training or monitoring purposes.

  • Telephone Services All telegraph, telephone, and communication connections which Tenant may desire outside the Premises shall be subject to Landlord’s prior written approval, in Landlord’s sole discretion, and the location of all wires and the work in connection therewith shall be performed by contractors approved by Landlord and shall be subject to the direction of Landlord, except that such approval is not required as to Tenant’s cabling from the Premises in a route designated by Landlord to any telephone cabinet or panel provided for Tenant’s connection to the telephone cable serving the Building, so long as Tenant’s equipment does not require connections different than or additional to those to the telephone cabinet or panel provided. As to any such connections or work outside the Premises requiring Landlord’s approval, Landlord reserves the right to designate and control the entity or entities providing telephone or other communication cable installation, removal, repair and maintenance outside the Premises and to restrict and control access to telephone cabinets or panels. In the event Landlord designates a particular vendor or vendors to provide such cable installation, removal, repair and maintenance for the Building, Tenant agrees to abide by and participate in such program. Tenant shall be responsible for and shall pay all costs incurred in connection with the installation of telephone cables and communication wiring in the Premises, including any hook-up, access and maintenance fees related to the installation of such wires and cables in the Premises and the commencement of service therein, and the maintenance thereafter of such wire and cables; and there shall be included in Operating Expenses for the Building all installation, removal, hook-up or maintenance costs incurred by Landlord in connection with telephone cables and communication wiring serving the Building which are not allocable to any individual users of such service but are allocable to the Building generally. If Tenant fails to maintain all telephone cables and communication wiring in the Premises and such failure affects or interferes with the operation or maintenance of any other telephone cables or communication wiring serving the Building, Landlord or any vendor hired by Landlord may enter into and upon the Premises forthwith and perform such repairs, restorations or alterations as Landlord deems necessary in order to eliminate any such interference (and Landlord may recover from Tenant all of Landlord’s costs in connection therewith). No later than the Termination Date, Tenant agrees to remove all telephone cables and communication wiring installed by Tenant for and during Tenant’s occupancy, which Landlord shall request Tenant to remove. Tenant agrees that neither Landlord nor any of its agents or employees shall be liable to Tenant, or any of Tenant’s employees, agents, customers or invitees or anyone claiming through, by or under Tenant, for any damages, injuries, losses, expenses, claims or causes of action because of any interruption, diminution, delay or discontinuance at any time for any reason in the furnishing of any telephone or other communication service to the Premises and the Building.

  • Telephone Service Notwithstanding any other provision of this Lease to the contrary:

  • Telephone Consultation Effective November 4, 2009, employees who are required to provide professional services over the telephone while on stand-by (without returning to the hospital) shall be entitled to a minimum of and 15 minutes’ pay for a call received between 0700 hours and 2300 hours, 30 minutes’ pay for a call received between 2300 hours and 0700 hours, at time and one-half times (1½) his or her regular straight time hourly rate, or equivalent time in lieu, per call, regardless of the duration of the call. Any additional time spent on the call over and above the initial minimum time shall be compensated at the same rate but in minimum fifteen (15) minute increments. The employee will complete a record of calls on a form following the period of the call. A call received during a period for which one of the aforesaid minimums is payable as a result of an earlier call will be treated for these purposes as a continuation of that earlier call.

  • Telephone Calls Calling, Monitoring and Recording‌ For our mutual protection, and to enable us to provide better service to you, we may monitor and/or tape-record any of our telephone conversations.

  • Telephone Monitoring You agree that Chase and its third-party service providers may listen to and record telephone calls as part of providing program services.

  • Telephone Access Employees shall be entitled to reasonable use of the client's telephone for local calls during the evening to speak with family members (i.e., spouse, children, dependants, parents). Employees may not receive personal calls on the client's telephone nor give out the client's telephone number. In the case of urgent personal calls to the employee, messages will be taken by the Employer and passed on to the employee as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency, the employee shall use the client's telephone to contact the appropriate authorities or the contact person designated by the Employer.

  • Telephone No ( ) - Fax No.: ( ) - E-mail Address: IN WITNESS WHEREOF, two (2) identical counterparts of this instrument, each of which shall for all purposes be deemed an original thereof, have been duly executed by the Principal and Surety above named, on the day of , 20 . Principal (Name of Principal) (Signature of Person with Authority) (Print Name) Surety (Name of Surety) (Signature of Person with Authority) (Print Name) (Name of California Agent of Surety) (Address of California Agent of Surety) (Telephone Number of California Agent of Surety) Contractor must attach a Notarial Acknowledgment for all Surety's signatures and a Power of Attorney and Certificate of Authority for Surety. The California Department of Insurance must authorize the Surety to be an admitted surety insurer. PAYMENT BOND PAYMENT BOND -- Contractor's Labor & Material Bond (100% of Contract Price) (Note: Contractors must use this form, NOT a surety company form.) KNOW ALL PERSONS BY THESE PRESENTS:

  • Internet Banking service by means of which it is possible to exercise various transactions posted by the bank at the special web page of the bank xxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xx (without visiting the bank) by the client, according to the regulations established by the bank;

  • Telephones The Unit may or may not have a telephone. If this is a material concern please check with Manager to determie if the Unit has phone service. Phones are for local calls only. LIMITED DAMAGE WAIVER PROGRAM